Withings’ Body Scan scale will take EKGs and measure segmented body fat

Withings isn’t a stranger to sensible scales, however for CES 2022 the corporate is taking a way more bold take on the gadget. Introduced at this time, the Withings Body Scan will function six-lead EKG readings, segmented body composition measurements, and the power to evaluate foot nerve exercise. Mainly, it’s the scale for individuals who need to understand how fat is distributed by their body and how which may in flip relate to their coronary heart well being.

On the floor, the Body Scan seems like your typical scale — albeit with a retractable deal with up high. It comprises 4 weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes within the scale itself, plus a further 4 positioned within the deal with. The scale additionally includes a bigger 3.2-inch LCD shade display screen, in addition to a battery life of 1 yr. It’ll additionally combine with Withings’ smartwatches, on high of Apple HealthKit and Google Match APIs.

Whereas the deal with is certainly distinctive visually, it’s additionally what allows the Body Scan’s extra attention-grabbing options. Sensible scales measure body composition by way of bioelectrical impedance evaluation (BIA). It really works by sending a low-level electrical present by your body. Body fat, water, and lean mass all have totally different resistance ranges, so relying on the speed at which the present travels, the scale will estimate your body composition. Nonetheless, most scales solely have two factors of contact: your ft. Meaning you’re actually getting an estimate for your lower body only. Withings says the Body Scan will use “multi-frequency” BIA because the retractable deal with gives two additional factors of contact, therefore, segmented body composition measurements.

Withings claims the Body Scan can differentiate between your torso, your proper and left legs, and your proper and left arms. The scale will additionally break down body composition into whole-body fat and water percentages, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water. It’s onerous to say how correct the Body Scan will be — smart scales are notoriously inaccurate — but it surely’s admittedly good to see that Withings is trying to offer additional context. For instance, many sensible scales don’t differentiate between subcutaneous and visceral fat. Whereas jiggly subcutaneous fat is comparatively innocent, invisible visceral fat is the kind that’s actually most dangerous to your health.


Body composition has had a current resurgence in wearables. Samsung launched BIA evaluation on its Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, whereas Amazon additionally launched a body fat function on its Halo platform. Every of those corporations has emphasised their body fat instruments as an alternative choice to Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a flawed metric for evaluating your overall health. That mentioned, improperly monitoring body fat also can act as a potential trigger for body dysmorphia and different consuming issues.

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The Body Scan will retail for $279 and are available black and white.

Picture: Withings

“We’ve been on the lookout for a method to do that safely and successfully,” Withings chief medical officer Shikha Anand informed The Verge. “We will’t remedy the way in which by which the world sees weight, however that mentioned, we will make each effort to not exacerbate it. We will floor in well being and not in weight wherever we are able to. It will all the time be about how your weight pertains to your well being.”

Anand went on to elucidate that weight is commonly tied to vanity, and that’s a part of why Withings needs to repackage its scale as a well being station. The thought, Anand says, is to point out how your weight relates in context to your general cardiovascular well being, in addition to provide extra holistic, behavioral insights. Anand additionally emphasised Withings is testing the Body Scan with a various cohort of shoppers to make sure the body composition function is extra useful than dangerous. She additionally mentioned the Withings app could be upgraded with higher knowledge visualizations for long-term developments.

Except for body composition, Withings says the Body Scan will present coronary heart charge, EKG recordings, and vascular age knowledge at every weigh-in. EKG readings could be saved and shared with docs. In the meantime, the vascular age function is supposed to point out individuals how their cardiovascular well being compares to different individuals inside their age group.

Whereas body composition, and even EKGs, make sense for a scale, Withings is taking it one step additional with a brand new nerve evaluation function developed with French medical gadget maker Impeto Medical. The scale will purportedly measure sweat gland exercise in your ft and generate a rating. In keeping with Withings, foot nerve exercise is at present underneath investigational use and might probably present indicators of nerve dysfunction.

That is all nicely and good, however like Withings’ different current devices, the Body Scan is topic to FDA and CE clearance. So whereas Withings says it plans to launch the Body Scan for $279 within the second half of 2022, that’ll all rely upon how briskly the corporate can get the regulatory go-ahead. The Withing ScanWatch, as an illustration, was launched at CES 2020 and solely obtained FDA clearance in November 2021. Regardless of this, Anand says Withings is optimistic it gained’t take fairly as lengthy this time round.

“We’ve discovered rather a lot with the method of the ScanWatch, and gotten to know the staff on the FDA fairly a bit higher. I really feel we’re on the trail to have [the Body Scan] on an inexpensive timeframe.”

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