TikTok’s ‘Euphoria’ High trend heightens the HBO teen drama’s absurd fashion

HBO’s Euphoria is again, and with it got here a slew of fashion-forward TikToks. Different notable developments this week embrace drawing your face to a soothing indie music and admitting one thing to a gentle “yeah.” 

And why aren’t you in uniform?

Euphoria, the dizzying HBO teen drama starring Zendaya, is thought for its edgy make-up and outrageous fashion. These college students are strolling to AP U.S. Historical past dressed like they’re going to a rave! Scratch that: None of those characters are even in APUSH (aside from possibly Lexi). The best way the teenagers in Euphoria gown for sophistication has lengthy been fodder for web jokes — and now it is the blueprint for a TikTok trend.

Movies to the trend all begin with somebody dressed plainly whereas the sound of squeaky footsteps performs. Then, the audio “and why aren’t you in uniform?!” seems, and the individual walks off digital camera earlier than reappearing in a Euphoria-inspired outfit. These TikToks are all captioned with some variation of “if you’re leaving for the bus however neglect you go to euphoria highschool.” 

The trend is hilarious as a result of it grounds the absurd fashion of Euphoria in the mundanity of the fashionable highschool expertise, which solely heightens the unrealistic nature of the ‘suits in Euphoria. To not point out, the concept of “euphoria highschool” is humorous when you think about it truly has a reputation. (However do not anticipate anybody to recollect East Highland High.)


The trend can be a possibility for TikTok customers to indicate off enjoyable, vibrant outfits that they could not get to put on each day. The trend is the excellent mixture of humor and superb fashion moments. 

Take @kaceystarz’s video for instance: The creator first walks out in a boring sweatshirt and denims earlier than re-entering in an iconic all-pink drag look. Thus far, the video has amassed over 1.5 million views and gathered over 420,000 likes. 

Screenshot of an example of this trend.

Earlier than and after a Euphoria-ification.

Credit score: TikTok / kaceystarz

Screenshot of an example of this trend.

Credit score: TikTok / kaceystarz

This trend can be the most bold TV crossover in historical past — the audio is ripped from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. It is from a scene through which Spongebob is serving Squidward lemonade, and Squidward asks, “And why aren’t you in uniform?” So Spongebob walks backwards offscreen earlier than strolling again into body in a maid’s uniform. There have been over 108,000 movies which have used the Spongebob audio, together with variations on the Euphoria trend like “Wes Anderson High” and Pretty Little Liars High.

Uh… yeah.

A second from Kali Uchis’ TikTok New 12 months’s Eve efficiency has now gone viral. In the clip, Uchis takes a deep breath and whispers “yeah” into the mic. TikTokkers are utilizing the sound to hesitantly admit or conform to one thing. The heavy sigh and hushed “yeah” has the capability to signify a whole lot of completely different conditions and feelings, making it a super viral TikTok sound. 

Thus far, over 74,000 movies have been made to the audio, together with @carlyincontro’s video captioned, “when ur a individuals pleaser and somebody asks u to do one thing u do not wanna do.” One other instance of the trend is @r0ck3t.izac’s video that reads, “do you stalk everybody who likes ur posts?” 

It is giving face. 

Image this: “These Days” by Nico performs softly in the background whereas a TikTok person stares in focus and a filter traces over their facial options with easy white strains. Once they end, they flip the digital camera away so we are able to see the completed product: a shaky drawing of their face. These mesmerizing movies have taken over TikTok. Over 820,000 customers have drawn their faces, including Billie Eilish, and I’ve but to see one I have never loved. 

On TikTok, we’re so used to seeing high-energy dances and fashion developments, so it is refreshing to see such a preferred artwork problem. The mixture of fresh white strains, soothing indie music, and the satisfying reveal of the sketch at the finish of every video makes them each stress-free and addictive. It is the excellent, soothing trend to interrupt up the extra chaotic content material in your FYP.

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