The Wordle clones have disappeared from the App Store

Has Apple taken motion towards apps that cloned the common internet recreation Wordle? They have now disappeared from the App Store, after several publications (together with The Verge) known as out a flood of copycats so blatant as to be named “Wordle” and that featured the similar gameplay and UI, every profiting from the indisputable fact that developer Josh Wardle didn’t create an Apple app of his personal. Whereas we’re nonetheless seeing a couple of clones on the App Store, they don’t use the Wordle identify.

The clone apps had a highlight shone on them immediately, when one developer started bragging about how many downloads his version of Wordle was getting. Following some intense backlash from the neighborhood, he set his account to non-public, however folks had already began discovering many different apps prefer it on the App Store.

The search outcomes for Wordle at 5PM ET immediately, exhibiting two clones.


The search outcomes for Wordle at 8:08PM ET — the first outcomes are actually an app from 5 years in the past, and a narrative about Phrases With Pals 2.

Apple didn’t instantly reply to The Verge’s request for affirmation that it was the one which took motion towards the Wordle-alikes, however it appears vanishingly unlikely that every developer determined to take down their app in the house of about an hour. If Apple actually is initiating a crackdown on the apps, it’s tipping the scales considerably to guard the authentic recreation.

Whereas there have been comparable high-profile conditions in the previous — as Protocol points out, Flappy Chook and Threes vs 2048 come to thoughts — it’s exhausting to think about a current instance the place Apple stepped in as closely because it appears to have completed immediately. Apple does have language about copycats in its developer guidelines, however it’s notably obscure: “Give you your personal concepts,” part 4.1 reads. “Don’t merely copy the newest common app on the App Store, or make some minor adjustments to a different app’s identify or UI and go it off as your personal.”

There have been questions about how Apple would deal with blatant clones, because it’s seemingly let issues slide in some situations. With disappearance of the Wordle-alikes from the App Store, we might have gotten a precedent for a way comparable is just too comparable.

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