‘The Last of Us’ episode 7: All the Easter eggs in Ellie’s room

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) has been one thing of a thriller ever since she first met Joel (Pedro Pascal) in The Last of Us’ opening episode. Clearly there’s the entire immunity factor, however there’s additionally the query of her hazy origin story, which we have solely discovered snippets of by way of Joel’s occasional grunted questions.

Till episode 7, that’s.


‘The Last of Us’ episode 7: How Ellie’s cassette tapes hyperlink again to the recreation


Happening virtually completely as a flashback, the present’s seventh instalment confirmed us Ellie’s time in FEDRA coaching college, following her on a wild (and in the end tragic) evening in an deserted mall together with her greatest good friend Riley (Storm Reid).

Earlier than Ellie and Riley disappear by way of her window and into the evening, although, we see a glimpse of Ellie’s bed room. And tacked up on the partitions, and mendacity on her bedside desk, are a handful of throwbacks to issues Ellie has talked about in passing in earlier episodes.

From house posters to comics and joke books, we have damaged all of them down beneath.

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Ellie’s joke guide lies on her bedside desk.

The primary quantity of the basic No Pun Meant joke guide by fictional creator Will Livingston may be seen mendacity on Ellie’s bedside desk in one of the opening pictures of her room. By this level, of course, we’re greater than acquainted with Mr Livingston’s work. No Pun Meant: Quantity Too, which Ellie carries in her backpack, supplies a welcome aid in episode 4 as she assessments out its contents on her surly travelling companion. But it surely’s solely in episode 7 that we be taught she acquired this second quantity from Riley as a present.

Will Livingston is the present that retains on giving.
Credit score: Liane Hentscher/HBO

“Shut up! He made a second one?” says Ellie after Riley produces the guide. “The place did you get that?”

Riley does not reply, however we all know the guide stays a treasured possession for Ellie from that second on. She loves the jokes, of course, however the guide is greater than that: it is a reminiscence of her previous life, a reminder of her greatest good friend and old flame.

Ellie’s studying a well-recognized comedian.

Sitting on her mattress and glancing throughout at Riley’s empty mattress, Ellie rage-reads a comic book known as Savage Starlight. However this is not the first time that comedian has had a point out. Again in episode 5, when Ellie, Joel, Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) make their manner by way of the tunnels in an try to flee Kansas Metropolis, they pause briefly in a now-abandoned room that is beforehand been used as a youngsters’s play room or kindergarten.

A young girl and boy sit on a bed reading a comic book.

Ellie and Sam bond over “Savage Starlight”.
Credit score: Liane Hentscher/HBO


Sam discovers a difficulty of Savage Starlight in the room. Ellie’s response? “No manner, I really like these!” The 2 then proceed to check which points they’ve earlier than saying some of the comedian’s key catch-phrases (“Endure, and survive”) in signal language.

Later, at the finish of the episode — in the beginning goes horribly unsuitable — they sit on the mattress collectively studying the subject.

Ellie’s wall is roofed with house posters.

In a wider shot of Ellie studying on her mattress, we see that her wall is plastered with posters. Fairly a number of of these are space-themed. There are a pair of film ones, together with posters of the 2000 movie Pink Planet and the 1987 movie Inside House, in addition to a breakdown of the lunar phases of the moon.

This remaining one in specific hyperlinks again to a hearth dialog between Joel and Ellie in episode 6, the place they discuss what they may do as soon as all that is over. Joel says he desires to run a sheep farm, however when he asks Ellie the place she’d go, she appears up at the evening sky.

A man and a young girl sit outdoors at night by a campfire.

Ellie opens as much as Joel about her love of house.
Credit score: Liane Hentscher/HBO

“It is most likely as a result of I grew up in the QZ,” she says. “Behind you there’s ocean, forward of you there is a wall. Nowhere to look however up. I learn all the things I may in the college library: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell. However you realize who my favorite is?”

“Sally Experience?” asks Joel.

“Sally fucking Experience,” confirms Ellie. “Greatest astronaut title ever.”

Clearly, Ellie is an enormous house fan — however the shot of her room we get in episode 7 exhibits us simply how a lot of a fan she actually is.

Ellie has a Mortal Kombat II poster.

In the center of all of it, Ellie’s Mortal Kombat II poster takes pleasure of place on the wall. Halfway’s 1993 arcade preventing recreation options a number of instances throughout the collection, notably later in the episode when Riley exhibits Ellie to “the most lovely factor I’ve ever seen” — the mall arcade. The pair proceed to mash buttons and destroy one another. The present throws again to this second in episode 3, when Ellie and Joel are on their option to Invoice and Frank’s. Stopping by a fuel station for Joel’s stashed provides, Ellie is delighted to discover a Mortal Kombat II arcade recreation gathering mud.

“You ever performed this one?” Ellie asks Joel. “I had a good friend who knew all the things about this recreation.”

And now, let’s talk about Ellie’s cassette tapes.(Opens in a new tab)

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