‘The Last of Us’ Episode 6 Recap: An Awkward Family Reunion

The Last of Us episode 6 got here to HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, rejoining Ellie and Joel (Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal) after they misplaced new pals Henry and Sam to actually horrible fates.

Nonetheless, they managed to flee Kansas Metropolis’s marauders and contaminated. This episode finds them again on their actual quest — re-connecting with Joel’s estranged brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna). 

He is the one who can join Ellie to the Fireflies, a insurgent group that wishes to duplicate her immunity to the fungal an infection that is turned billions of individuals into monsters and doubtlessly restore this damaged world. Let’s examine how profitable they’re by diving into SPOILERS.

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River of loss of life

Three months after shedding Henry and Sam, Ellie and Joel have gone far west and gotten themselves misplaced within the wilds of Wyoming. There they occur upon Florence and Marlon (Elaine Miles and Graham Greene, actors of respective Native American and First Nation origins), a darkly charming aged couple that survived the outbreak as a result of they lived in isolation.

Regardless of our heroes’ threatening to shoot the couple, Florence offers them soup as a result of chilly climate and Marlon warns them to not go Yellowstone River (the map reveals that they are in Yellowstone National Park) — solely “loss of life” lies that means.

Again on the street, the pair cease for the evening and specific their hopes for the longer term if Ellie’s blood does certainly ship the world again to a pre-outbreak society.  Joel desires to quiet down on a ranch and lift sheep as a result of “they’re quiet, do what they’re informed.”

Ellie and Joel sit at a campfire among some large rocks in The Last of Us

Our heroes take into account the longer term.


Ellie is a little more formidable, declaring her want to develop into an astronaut just like the late Sally Experience (who grew to become the primary American lady to fly to house in 1983). There is a trace of melancholy after Ellie says it although, suggesting she’s not satisfied it may ever occur. Joel expresses an uncharacteristic confidence that the treatment will work, subconsciously slipping a reassuring dad mode.

These moments trace at parts seen in The Last of Us Half 2 recreation, however we can’t dive into these right here since it’s going to probably come up in season 2 of the present.

Tense encounter

Crossing the river, Ellie and Joel encounter a gaggle of individuals who set a sniffer canine on them to find out in the event that they’re contaminated. The pup offers Joel the all-clear, then it looks like Ellie will not be so lucky — we all know she’s bitten, so the canine would possibly tear her to shreds. Joel steels himself up for the worst, however the doggo stays pleasant to Ellie. Phew.

A lady within the group (Rutina Wesley, whom you would possibly know from True Blood) seems to be Tommy’s spouse, Maria, and brings them to their slightly pretty settlement for a reunion. Joel is somewhat weirded out by the truth that his little brother bought married with out him understanding, however Ellie helps him specific his congratulations. Awkward.

This performs out fairly in a different way within the recreation, the place Ellie and Joel (*6*). There’s additionally a big set piece on the hydroelectric dam, which we solely glimpse within the present.

Maria and Tommy reveal that they constructed “river of loss of life” popularity by littering the realm with the our bodies of any nasty marauders that attempted to get into the city — the kinds of individuals we noticed Invoice keeping off.


Tommy grabs the collar of Joel's jacket and looks relieved  in The Last of Us

Brothers reunited.


Issues get tense between Tommy and Joel, since their protecting measures resulted in him chopping off radio contact with Joel. Maria can be pregnant, which makes Tommy much less inclined to take accountability for shepherding Ellie to the Fireflies. And Joel’s trauma over the loss of life of his daughter Sarah makes it robust to see his brother shifting on along with his life.

“Simply because life stopped for you, does not imply it has to cease for me,” Tommy says, earlier than Joel storms out.

Ouch. Out on the road, Joel appears to suffer a panic attack when he spots a girl with comparable hair to Sarah, suggesting that his bond with Ellie and chat with Tommy is resurfacing buried trauma.

Maria looks stern as she sits at a table in The Last of Us

Maria is unsure about Ellie at first, however the pair finally bond.


A touch of security

Ellie learns about Sarah from Maria, giving her new perception into her father determine. She’s additionally handled to a screening of The Goodbye Girl — a 1977 film a couple of prickly man who bonds with a precocious lady. Richard Dreyfuss won an Oscar for his performance on this one, so it looks like a strong selection (if somewhat bit meta).

Tommy finally apologizes for his remark, and Joel confesses the depths of his trauma and the agony brought on by his attachment to Ellie. Studying of Ellie’s immunity, Tommy agrees to take Ellie to the Fireflies… however Ellie isn’t having it.

They briefly argue over Joel’s try to go accountability onto Tommy, however Joel finally decides to let Ellie select which brother she’d favor. Predictably, she chooses Joel and the dream group heads out to I-25.

Put up-apocalyptic school expertise

Arriving on the College of Japanese Colorado (the identical fictional establishment seen within the recreation), they discover the Fireflies’ outdated lab deserted aside from just a few monkeys including to the mess. After figuring out that the insurgent group is probably going in Salt Lake Metropolis, they’re compelled to flee as a gaggle of marauders arrive.

Joel scuffles with one of them and finally breaks his neck, however discovers that he is been stabbed within the abdomen with a bit of wooden. The pair flee on horseback and seem to have gotten clear, then Joel falls off their mount and loses unconsciousness within the snow.  

This part plays out similarly to the game, although the strategy to the lab sees you taking up Clickers and exploring extra totally. Each variations find yourself with Joel badly wounded and Ellie in cost of their fates, however the present offers us a slightly wonderful cowl of Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down Again — the identical tune that performed on the finish of episode 1.

Episode 7 of The Last of Us hits HBO Max subsequent Sunday, Feb. 26.

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