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Editor’s word: the King William’s College quiz has appeared within the Guardian since 1951. Lately, the quiz is not sat formally; as an alternative it’s despatched to the schoolchildren and their households to sort out over the Christmas vacation. In different phrases, you might be allowed to Google! Nevertheless, the questions are constructed to make {that a} lower than easy technique. Good luck!

Normal data paper, 2021-22, No 117, sat by the pupils of King William’s College, Isle of Man

Scire ubi aliquid invenire possis ea demum maxima pars eruditionis est”

1 Throughout 1921:

1 what was Coco’s debut launch?


2 what was controversially opened at 61 Marlborough Highway?

3 in what have been we in a position to share Rupert’s disappointment at Gerald’s loss of life?

4 whose true Gallic temperament was recognised by the Swedish Academy?

5 who, following a coronary heart assault in Algiers, was honoured with a state funeral at La Madeleine?

6 the place did the trials of 12 alleged struggle criminals outcome both in acquittals or very lenient sentences?

7 who contrived to bowl two overs in succession in an abbreviated match at Outdated Trafford?

8 who launched a triple citrous concoction at 50 East Ida B, Wells Drive?

9 the place was Gandon’s masterpiece subjected to an arson assault?

10 the place have been Silvestre’s troops humiliated?

2 The place:

1 was the ketch Racundra constructed?

2 was Devintas Fortas, scene of a Nazi bloodbath?

3 was Karl’s success reversed 4 years later by Peter?


4 did Horatio watch Madame Nicolas within the gala efficiency of the ballet?

5 did Joffe surrender for ever Russian claims over the nation’s individuals and territory?

6 did Louis reside on the invitation of Paul following the execution of his elder brother?

7 did a revolt towards the French administration result in a peaceable annexation?

8 does a hexagonal tower commemorate town’s founder?

9 did Hámundarson receive his atgeir from Hallgrímur?

10 does an Eiffel tower oversee the seals?


1 who advocates auricular consideration?

2 who claimed {that a} silly wit was inferior to a witty idiot?

3 whose tomb bears an inscription composed by Lord Berkeley’s chaplain?

4 who stood quiet as any water-sodden log through the twangling of the harp?

5 who was depicted apart from a royal household gathering with a clothed monkey on his shoulder?

6 who lampooned the archbishop when saying the grace “Nice reward to God and little laud to the satan”?

7 who made a fateful discovery on listening to the duke singing concerning the fickleness of girls?

8 and on which failed Sixteenth-century French regicide was his character based mostly?

9 who adopted Gilbert to Smithfield, the place a leper sat along with his girl?

10 what strikes off diagonally from his place subsequent to tour?

Who brought the quince? (4.4)
Who introduced the quince? (4.4) {Photograph}: Petegar/Getty Photos


1 for what’s Glossina in charge?

2 the place is there no place for a avenue combating man?

3 who lay for ages, battening on big sea worms in his sleep?

4 who was introduced quince and different fruit on 20 January whereas she slept?

5 who claimed to go the way in which that Windfall dictated with the peace of mind of a sleepwalker?

6 who justified going to mattress at 9.45pm by claiming that he hadn’t been to sleep for over a 12 months?

7 which group fled to a cave on Mount Celion the place they have been incarcerated?

8 who, following a repast of peas, fell asleep in a wicker hamper?

9 who sang “Oh! Come lieto è il popolo” whereas sleepwalking?

10 who spoke of sleep as nature’s comfortable nurse?

5. The place:

1 did Horatio marry the Physician’s widow?

2 did Quarrel rescue Solitaire and her companion?

3 did Harry repair the trafficker and maroon twelve of his compatriots?

4 influenced by the pundit’s publication, did Man-man try auto-crucifixion?

5 did “Main” Jones depart Medea in a mixture of Spanish and Dutch feminine apparel?

6 did Captain Hume bombard the pirate ships, however fail to forestall their captain from escaping?

7 did Jack unite along with his son, the product of an indiscretion in Laurenço Marques?

8 did a severe disturbance at St Rupert’s result in Main Gordon’s Courtroom Martial?

9 did an “episcopal” execution stimulate a Regan response?

10 was Estrella sabotaged on Sir Thomas’s orders?

Where did Captain Hume bombard the pirate ships? (5.6)
The place did Captain Hume bombard the pirate ships? (5.6) {Photograph}: Roc Canals/Getty Photos

6. Who:

1 championed the one-armed Sid?

2 went head-to-head with Beaumont?

3 remounted after the thirtieth to complete second, but additionally final?

4 was schooled at Eton and would beat Fletcher’s report by 14 seconds?

5 began with Wall Road and completed, extremely, on the Crest of a wave?

6 achieved a outstanding 17/18 with a personality recalling the lack of an ear in Venice?

7 was rewarded by Santa on the Downs a bit of over six months too early?

8 had an unrivalled report run, interrupted by the Head Waiter?

9 adopted Giggs and preceded Cavendish?

10 gave Etti her first Derby success?

7. Which title by which creator refers to:

1 Illingworth’s someday lover?

2 Yvonne, a Nantaise noblewoman?

3 the look-alike revealed as Laura’s half-sister?

4 the beautiful daughter of a St Johnstoun glove-maker?

5 the hay-trusser who bought his spouse and daughter to a sailor?

6 the previous governess, who as soon as had a liaison with a Gallic Officer?

7 the ace who performed about with the Gladas single-seater?

8 the single woman from St Athelstan’s Rectory?

9 the MP residing in Chesterfield Gardens?

10 the politician sitting for Mikewa?


1 for what was there a purpose?

2 what was the yield of the rod given to Aaron?

3 what, taken with out vinegar, would relish the beer?

4 what’s the presumed eating regimen of the alternatively-named Vulturine Fish Eagle?

5 how did Stephen translate Kesegaran mawar, bunga budi bahasa, hiburan buah pala?

6 which native antipodean was named after a colleague by an émigré botany graduate from Kiel College?

7 what ill-conceived cultivation in Tanganyika was a vastly costly failure?

8 for what did a hag-born freckled whelp dig along with his lengthy nails?

9 what’s the main supply of component quantity 34?

10 what was the chariot of the fairies’ midwife?

Swan float double? (9.2)
Swan float double? (9.2) {Photograph}: Daniela Duncan/Getty Photos


1 whence the souters?

2 the place does the swan float double?

3 the place did Mary sit to observe her love’s returning?

4 the place did the butcher scale back the pack from eight to a few?

5 the place might the altar stone be related to Mungo’s conversion of Merlin?

6 whence did the Queen undertake a outstanding experience to see the severely wounded Hepburn?

7 which three eminences impressed the naming of a 1st century fort?

8 the place did the city produce TT winners 50 years aside?

9 the place do shilfas sing, and cushats croon?

10 the place are twin vipers conjoined?

10. Who:

1 succeeded his youthful brother?

2 fittingly, was buried beside the Unknown Soldier?

3 failed to complete his story involving the Buddhist, Kusinara?

4 on his deathbed allegedly expressed a want to eat a selected meat pie?

5 likened negotiating with the longer term Taoiseach to attempting to select up mercury with a fork?

6 claimed that he had been taller, however was worn away by the anxieties and struggles of the Reform invoice?

7 responded to an insult by suggesting that his opponent was the 14th Mr …?

8 ended PM, CH and OM, an earl and a knight of the garter?

9 was obliged to journey on the Sud Specific on taking workplace?

10 preceded Hemingway in Stockholm?

Goes lovely with sausages (11.4)
Goes pretty with sausages (11.4) {Photograph}: Simon Belcher/Alamy


1 as whom did Babbs masquerade?

2 who obliged her nephew to imbibe lavender water tinged with pink?

3 who died together with her husband by the hands of the albino vicar of Altarnun?

4 who washed down heat sausages with draught Guinness at The Cricketers?

5 who was the Abbess who accommodated Brigid and her guardian within the Castilian convent?

6 which unwelcome visitor insisted on “babysitting” for Ruth and Margaret throughout their mom’s Scandinavian cruise?

7 whose looking out eyes have been likened to a Saracen’s head in a Dutch clock?

8 who assisted within the extraction of her son, Alexander from the pig trough?

9 whose Provençal chef was considered God’s reward to the gastric juices?

10 who was obsessed about one thing nasty within the woodshed?


1 who gave his title to a spirochaetal type of rat fever?

2 whose title is utilized to a dysfunction of copper metabolism?

3 who was the English Hippocrates after whom St Vitus’ Dance is called?

4 after which aristocratic surgeon at Hôtel-Dieu is a palmar nodular dysfunction named?

5 who, working at Mount Sinai, described “regional ileitis”, a dysfunction which now bears his title?

6 which distinguished Kilkenny man is related to a traumatic dinner fork deformity?

7 which Scottish polymath described a droopiness of the face which bears his title?

8 which fictional nobleman’s title is related to factitious signs?

9 which Danish paediatrician gave his title to a congenital megacolon?

10 which toddler’s clotting dysfunction now carries his title?

13. Inside a famous city rail transport system, what:

1 may be porcine?

2 seems partly chiropteran?

3 title can also be represented on the DLR?

4 title is shared with two Bordeaux Châteaux?

5 chief of the Souliotes, in battle with the Ottomans, is commemorated?

6 remembers Franz Josef’s failure to halt the advance of Napoleon and Victor Emmanuel?

7 is a reminder of a deadly capturing on the Café du Croissant?

8 remembers the give up of Vercingetorix?

9 commemorates a Soviet victory?

10 has an equal in E14?

Soldiers at Ypres, 1917 (14.8).
Troopers at Ypres, 1917 (14.8). {Photograph}: Frank Hurley/Getty Photos


1 who was educated by Brough?

2 who bewailed his failure to drop a few pounds on bottled beer and chops?

3 who impressed the three membership members by recalling the exploits of Jim Tarras?

4 which Military officer made an sincere girl of Miss Miller, having first met her at Ugbrooke?

5 who denounced the hanging of a felon as homicide and was despatched away to run the household seat within the Borders?

6 which widower had supposed his son to be critically disabled till he was reworked by the magic of the backyard?

7 who was thought-about to have outlived his future by 10 years and his previous by greater than 20?

8 who was rendered uniocular at Ypres, however went on to attain Vice-regal standing?

9 which Guardian of the Realm led his countrymen to catastrophic defeat?

10 who was the thorn within the seat of Wolfe’s chair?


1 what masqueraded as Culverdale?

2 which viaduct boasts eight Italianate pavilions?

3 the place did Compo and Co battle with Norah’s mangle?

4 which nice viaduct was described by Jonathan’s fiancée, Mina?

5 the place was a separate rail viaduct erected beside two parallel highway viaducts?

6 on which viaduct was a freight prepare, drawn by V2 class, No 4771 depicted for BR?

7 the place did Her Majesty’s acrophobia compromise the plan for the opening?

8 which viaduct was appropriately accomplished on 28 June 1838?

9 the place are 82 arches required to cross the river valley?

10 which viaduct was depicted by L S Lowry?

LS Lowry ... but which viaduct did he depict? (15.10)
LS Lowry … however which viaduct did he depict? (15.10) {Photograph}: Robert Smithies/The Guardian


1 the place does the spherical tower predate its church?

2 the place are mortgage seekers confronted by two sturdy males?

3 which polymath is commemorated by Pegram’s statue within the Haymarket?

4 the place did Aumann and colleagues fail to beat their earlier drawback?

5 how did Warwick succeed following the failure of Sheffield and Northampton?

6 with what avian introduction have been the invited escapees from catholic persecution credited?

7 the place is the martyred nurse vividly and repeatedly commemorated by Whelan?

8 the place did Marian take Leo for lunch following a purchasing session within the metropolis?

9 the place did the Callums first encounter Tom, the physician’s son?

10 what was referred to as the satan’s cucumber body?

17. Who ended which work with:

1 The knife got here down, lacking him by inches, and he took off?

2 He was quickly borne away by the waves and misplaced in darkness and distance?

3 So we beat on, boats towards the present, borne again ceaselessly into the previous?

4 Sure, she thought, laying down her brush in excessive fatigue, I’ve had my imaginative and prescient?

5 He was withered, wrinkled, and loathsome of visage. It was not until that they had examined the rings that they recognised who it was?

6 He turned away to provide them time to tug themselves collectively; and waited, permitting his eyes to relaxation on the trim cruiser within the distance?

7 He remembered the times when you might get 13 Royal Natives for a shilling?

8 They used to hold males at 4 Turnings within the previous days. Not any extra although?

9 “However on the entire we now have had a nice time, and are sorry when ’tis over”?

10 Very flippantly she slipped up into mattress, and really quickly she was asleep?

18. Throughout 2021:

1 the place did Ingenuity attain recent heights?

2 which residents of Welsh salt marshes have acquired PDO standing?

3 which Cotswold city obtained a customer paying homage to Murchison?

4 how was a visit from Timbuktu to Casablanca rewarded 9 occasions over?

5 which metropolis witnessed a head-on collision between two Bombardiers, one in every of which was driverless?

6 except we’re very a lot mistaken, we now have stated “Goodbye” to which grasp’s “crash, bang wallop” strategy?

7 who, regardless of a last bogey at Holly, earned the correct to don a inexperienced blazer?

8 whose passing has recalled Shankly’s best second at Wembley?

9 in what has Frederick Brown’s unkind nickname been deserted?

10 who has stimulated our style buds along with his life historical past?

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