Stardust's period tracker app takes a holistic, astrological approach

I’d describe myself as a low-key astrology fanatic at finest. Positive, I’ve known as my mother to confirm the time I was born whereas making my start chart, and I continuously share astrology memes like these with my mates. However I don’t consider astrology as a precise science. 

So once I heard about Stardust, a period monitoring app that launched final fall and describes itself as integrating “science, astronomy, and synthetic intelligence to attach your hormonal cycle with the cycles of bigger celestial our bodies” just like the moon, I used to be intrigued however skeptical. 

This is what I discovered once I tried it.

Humorous • Properly designed • Not cringey or medical


Exhausting to make use of you probably have a tremendous irregular or lengthy cycle

The humor and design of this app truly makes monitoring your period pleasant.

The fundamentals

The app is free to obtain. One factor to notice: Its precise astrology element would not use the solar indicators most individuals affiliate with astrology. As a substitute, Stardust takes a holistic approach to all of the various things it says can have an effect on your period — your common cycle, hormones, and the lunar cycle. 

To start out, the app will ask in your common cycle size and the date of your final period. The app’s AI makes use of this knowledge to estimate the date of your upcoming period, adjusting as you add extra info, like signs or cravings, in a separate tab. Stardust additionally makes use of the dates of your period to assign a moon witch signal. These designations work equally to conventional zodiac indicators in that Stardust makes use of the phrases to explain your “cosmic energy” and persona traits.

In case your period begins nearer to the brand new moon, you’re thought of a white moon witch (thought to be caretakers or mom figures); these whose cycles higher match with the complete moon are thought of crimson moon witches (related to healing or wisdom). Since durations will be fickle and fluctuate on account of hormone modifications, age, and extra, you will be thought of a white moon witch one cycle and a crimson moon witch the following. 

Stardust's period tracker app takes a holistic, astrological approach

Stardust's period tracker app takes a holistic, astrological approach

If you launch the app for day-to-day use, a scroll wheel signifies the place you might be in your cycle  in addition to the moon part on that day. There’s additionally a daily blurb primarily based on the present lunar part (i.e., new moon, full moon, waxing gibbous, and many others.). “For now, it is simply a actually small blurb on daily basis, identical to the vitality forecast of your temper, and the moon,” the app’s founder, Rachel Moranis, mentioned over the telephone. “And we go away it at that. It is simply digestible. If you wish to go deeper, there’s locations to go deeper.” 

Whereas scientists have discovered that sure animals’ reproductive cycles are synced to the moon, researchers haven’t solidified the connection between the lunar and human menstrual cycles, so I took my crimson moon witch classification with a grain of salt.

A ravishing, easy-to-use app

As a Dark mode loyalist, I appreciated how Stardust’s darkish blue interface with neon pink accents didn’t blind me each time I opened it. The app’s enjoyable and moody aesthetic is smart given Moranis’ background in design. Educated as an architect, Moranis designed Getaway Home’s tiny cabin properties whereas she was in grad faculty, and initially considered Stardust as a design train when she began utilizing period monitoring apps and have become enthusiastic about astrology. 

“I used to be simply fairly shocked that there wasn’t a lunar period tracker on the market,” Moranis mentioned. “And even, like, a actually properly designed period tracker on the market. I really feel like those that exist are both offensively girly or cringey in the best way they discuss intercourse and fertility.”

Stardust's period tracker app takes a holistic, astrological approach


Stardust's period tracker app takes a holistic, astrological approach

The app’s tabs help you simply monitor your stream, signs, cravings, or different elective notes for the day, and to view when your subsequent period is anticipated primarily based on earlier cycles and signs. For these involved in regards to the science behind Stardust, Moranis says she not solely consulted with astrology consultants for the app’s lunar predictions, but additionally with a gynecologist, a reproductive endocrinologist who focuses on hormones, a reproductive psychiatrist, and a psychologist to know how hormone fluctuations can affect menstruators’ bodily and emotional wellbeing throughout their cycles.

Humor and playfulness are a plus

Once I was utilizing the app, I cherished the humorous tone Stardust employed when speaking about signs or emotions folks could expertise throughout their cycle. There are conventional classes for cravings — assume candy, salty, or chocolate — but additionally “carbo loading for Netflix,” hashish, and “completely mac and cheese.” 

I’m not the very best at conserving tabs alone physique, however Stardust’s playful tone made monitoring my signs really feel enjoyable moderately than like a chore.

A approach to destigmatize durations

“Monitoring your period with the moon is such an excessive type of self-care … it is necessary that we make enjoyable of it a little bit…” Moranis mentioned. “A part of destigmatizing durations is simply laughing about it and being like, that is absurd. And sure, you must do yoga and eat inexperienced, nevertheless it’s additionally okay to binge watch TV and eat brownies and mac and cheese when it is week three of your cycle.” 

One other function I loved whereas testing Stardust was the app’s tarot card-inspired infographics you possibly can simply share on social media. There are playing cards that present your estimated hormone ranges primarily based on the place you might be in your cycle, present the present lunar part with a quick horoscope blurb, or share the cravings you logged on a given day. 

Moranis mentioned she hopes Stardust’s tongue-in-cheek tone will assist destigmatize menstruators speaking about their durations, and that by posting their Stardust predictions, cravings, or signs, some  are already doing so. 

“I am shocked how many individuals share it [on social media], I actually, actually am.” Moranis mentioned. “It is so useful that the following technology is rather like, so physique optimistic, so comfy, so destigmatized [about periods] already. It is an incredible factor.”

The drawbacks

In my very own expertise utilizing the app, my solely criticism was that I couldn’t set my common cycle size for longer than 40 days. Since I’ve a hormonal IUD, I generally go months with out having my period, so I’d’ve preferred choices that mirror extra irregular cycles. I additionally would’ve cherished a extra social element within the app itself, however Moranis mentioned that a “sync with mates” function is already within the works.

Total, a nice period monitoring app, with restricted astrological elements

Whereas I’m nonetheless not 100% on board with the astrology aspect of issues, it’s enjoyable to learn my day by day blurbs. I used to be anticipating the evaluation to be barely extra in-depth (virtually like a weekly horoscope you’d discover from astrology apps like The Sample or Nuit) and located the moon cycle descriptions to be a bit extra imprecise than different characterizations I’ve examine my solar signal. I did not thoughts the brevity of Stardust’s astrological predictions, as I principally launched the app to trace modifications in my cycle or signs of the day. And it was enjoyable to learn my lunar cycle blurbs and push notifications once I remembered to verify them. 

I additionally don’t know whether or not my designation as a crimson moon witch is correct, provided that the app’s longest common cycle size doesn’t account for skipped durations from my hormonal contraception. 

Nonetheless, Stardust stands out as a refreshing aid out of your normal clinical-looking and -sounding period monitoring app. Beforehand, I balked on the concept of utilizing a period tracker as a result of I’m merely not in lots of apps’ goal demographic: folks utilizing period and ovulation trackers to assist them conceive. Stardust, in distinction, appears to cater extra towards menstruators like me, who merely need to be higher in tune with their our bodies, however don’t essentially need to take themselves too significantly. 

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