Rick Scott to GOP hopefuls: Get Trump’s support, but go beyond that

One other Youngkin-esque rallying technique Scott supported is GOP candidates’ opposition to vital race principle in faculties, saying that candidates will win in the event that they’re “ensuring [your] youngsters aren’t indoctrinated on vital race principle” — regardless that in lots of circumstances, together with in Youngkin’s Virginia, the topic isn’t taught within the state’s faculty system.

Scott, the top of the Nationwide Republican Senatorial Committee, stated the NRSC will actively help all incumbents working for reelection — even those that Trump opposes, like Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Scott advocated campaigning on the problems, but one Youngkin technique that Scott didn’t endorse Sunday was election-related fearmongering. Whereas Youngkin stoked the fires behind baseless election fraud claims, Scott stated he believes there’s been “purchaser regret” over President Joe Biden’s win, but drew a line towards spreading conspiracy theories.

“Joe Biden is the president. We went by way of the constitutional course of, he was elected.” the Florida senator advised Todd.

When requested why 4 out of 5 Republicans say they don’t imagine Biden‘s election was legit, Scott didn’t try to justify that view.

“Nicely, I believe you’d have to ask them,” he stated.

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