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I have a dream: that dream is to trip a canine like a horse. That isn’t doable. However I’ve heard the following neatest thing is doable, which is why I’m freezing in a subject in Tewkesbury. Gloucestershire will not be Lapland however it’s the place you possibly can attempt mushing, organised by Arctic Quest. Single-handedly charioteering a sled powered by huskies? Sounds like a Christmas miracle to me. I gape in awe, as numerous lupine beasts emerge from a trailer, yelping with pleasure. It’s just a few weeks earlier than Omicron gathers energy, and I’m right here for one final shot at feeling free.

Vickie Pullin – an excellent candidate for nominative determinism – arrange Arctic Quest, and is a former world champion dog-sledder in 4 divisions, an achievement never equalled. (You need to be pushed to get into husky sledding, satirically.) She has 36 canine in complete, all smaller than I imagined, complete cuties with names like Azera, Frappe, Mocha and Cino. It could sound like a sitcom premise, had been it not for Pullin’s no-nonsense manner. “The blue-eyed, fluffy husky factor? Hollywood PR,” she snorts.

Her Siberian huskies and Scandinavian hounds are placing, although – blue eyes, brown eyes, generally one among every. Although small, they’re mighty, bouncing with scarcely containable power, nearer to furry nuclear rods than canine. They’re born to run, however am I? I’m smaller than Pullin anticipated. I could be too light-weight to floor the rig. The canine can run at 20mph and there’s an opportunity I’ll be overturned as soon as they get going.

Pullin decides to belief me with just a few of her most skilled animals. These are working canine and want the train, in any case. I’m relieved, however extra scared than I used to be. “Huskies haven’t any recall. Never let go of 1,” she says sternly, earlier than instructing me to place a harness on one. Axel jumps up and licks me, whipping his physique round excitedly. Think about placing a harness on an alligator, or giving eye drops to a bear. That will be simpler than calming Axel down.

Making friends … Rhik gets to know the Siberian huskies.
Making pals … Rhik will get to know the Siberian huskies. {Photograph}: Sam Frost/The Guardian

Two extra ungovernable creatures are clipped to the cable of the rig: a minimal three-wheeled body with foot plates. They must be held again bodily from charging forward, whereas I regulate my goggles and squash my worry. I don’t get to shout “Mush!” however I might want to direct the crew. “It’s ‘Gee’ for proper, ‘Hor’ for left,” Pullin explains. (Fortunately, there aren’t any left turns within the route I’m going, hugging the sting of the sector.) Becoming a member of Axel is Rocco and his sister River. River gave beginning to a lot of the canine right here. In my head, I hear We Are Household, the disco traditional by – ha! – Sister Sledge. That is meant to be! What’s? I don’t know. I’m shackled to maniacs.

Launch the hounds! They burst forth with astonishing energy. I’m off, quickly choosing up pace. It’s quick. I’m scared to trip of their slipstream as instructed, not eager to run one over. I veer to the left, then the proper. I come inside millimetres of being deposited within the hedge. A pointy, off-balance yank of the handlebars pulls me again on track, nonetheless wayward. That is terrifying. The rig bumps and hurtles ahead, relentlessly ahead. I’m holding on for expensive life, with one thing akin to rigor mortis.

‘I’m shackled to maniacs!’ Rhik being pulled by his husky team.
‘I’m shackled to maniacs!’ Rhik being pulled by his husky crew. {Photograph}: Sam Frost/The Guardian

“Chill out!” yells Vicki, from her quad bike. Unthinkable. But I’m so tense, I’m not going to make the space like this. I drop my shoulders, stand slightly taller. I pull in line instantly behind the canine, and out of the blue we’re travelling as one. This transforms the whole expertise. I can hear the paws drumming forward, I can odor the sky. River has been glancing backwards since I practically drove into the hedge, checking on me. Is she … smiling?

We take a nook, and I lean in, throttling simply sufficient to brush the curve with full management. “Go, go, go!” I shout to the canine, who certain into the long run, pleased that I’m lastly on their degree. It’s … unbelievable. Who knew such magical transport existed? We’re travelling too quick for bother, for disappointment. We’re forsaking a 12 months that was, someway, even worse than the one earlier than. I discover myself laughing.

We are family … Rhik’s happy experience with the dogs has stayed with him.
We’re household … Rhik’s pleased expertise with the canine has stayed with him. {Photograph}: Sam Frost/The Guardian

Huskies can race 1,000 miles – I can’t. My legs are aching, fingers freezing, goggles misted. I’m relieved to hit the ultimate stretch. We cost dwelling, the place arms greet the conquering canine. Stepping off, I actually whoop. I’m no whooper. My crew are returned to their siblings, and I give them every a kiss. They want a drink. I would like a drink. Scorching chocolate and camp fireplace sarnies await. “That was save,” nods Vicki, referring to the hedge, earlier than admonishing me for stepping off the rig earlier than the canine had been unharnessed. I’ll take it.

Terrifying, transcendent, enchanted. What a trip. I nonetheless play it again at night time, this working with the pack, blades of grass blurring, earth spinning beneath us. I’ve never known animal joy like it. The canine and I, we had been flying. Greater than something I’ve tried, this has stayed with me. It’s a bizarre time proper now – everybody is gloomy or mad and residing on hope – however that’s what December is for. I’ve at all times relied on the kindness of animals, tried to remain alert to the knowledge they provide. Even when not in management, we transfer forwards, at all times forwards. Completely satisfied Christmas, everybody!

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