Republicans Can’t Wait for Trump to Implode

Rich Lowry: “The disinclination to interact with Trump in any respect brings again recollections of 2016. If it’s a brief dynamic, that’s one factor; if it’s one other prisoner’s dilemma among the many non-Trump candidates, ready for another person to take him on and hoping to emerge unscathed within the aftermath, it’s repeating the identical mistake and anticipating a distinct outcome.”

“If the present state of affairs holds, there’s no means round Trump — solely by — and that can require making a case in opposition to him.”

“To be the person (or the girl), because the immortal Ric Aptitude mentioned, you’ve acquired to beat the person. Trump might certainly be beatable, however the newest polling exhibits him squarely in the way in which of anybody who desires to take over the celebration he’s dominated for seven years and counting.”

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