NASA's Perseverance has a little 'family portrait' Easter egg

In 1972, astronaut Charles Duke left a family portrait on the moon. Now, virtually 50 years later, one other NASA worker retains its circle of relatives shut.

The Perseverance rover made its monumental touchdown on Mars on Feb. 18 and it has already despatched thousands of raw images again to Earth. Hidden in images of the rover itself is a “bumper sticker” with icons of NASA’s previous Mars rover missions, Area identified. 

The rovers are lined up in chronological order: Sojourner, 1997; Spirit and Alternative, 2004; Curiosity, 2012; Perseverance, 2021; and the Ingenuity helicopter, which rode together with Perseverance. NASA tweeted out a video detailing the “household portrait” plaque: 


Dr. Moogega Cooper, planetary safety engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, additionally shared a picture of the plaque earlier than it was affixed to Perseverance: 

Now that it is out, right here is a picture of the household portrait simply earlier than it was bolted on! (For these questioning if it was biologically clear, sure… sure it was!). #Mars2020

— Dr. Moogega (무지개) Cooper (@moogega) February 22, 2021

Within the quick time that it has been on Mars, Perseverance has not solely offered a 360-view of the red planet, but it surely’s additionally recorded first-ever audio. Quickly, Perseverance will start looking for ancient life. Already making its household proud!   

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