NASA satellite captures a dazzling, important crater on Mars

There’s a giant camera orbiting Mars.

It is connected to NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and might spot issues as small as a kitchen desk (together with robotic rovers). It is aptly referred to as the Excessive Decision Imaging Experiment, or HIRISE. And it just lately captured a good view of a Martian Crater.

The picture, taken in late 2021 however launched on Jan. 20, reveals a crater (seemingly created by an historical impression) stuffed with vivid dunes. Mars could usually be some 140 million miles from Earth, or at instances a lot farther, however Earth-like geologic processes frequently transpire there.

a crater on Mars


A dune-filled crater on Mars.
Credit score: NASA / JPL / College of Arizona

The crater, whereas a powerful function within the Martian desert, additionally serves an important goal for planetary scientists. It accurately marks the location of zero longitude on Mars, the road separating Mars’ western and japanese hemispheres.


Lots of the Webb telescope’s best discoveries will not come from any superb footage

On Earth, that time is marked by the Royal Observatory Greenwich within the UK. However on Mars, a place brimming with proof of previous asteroid impacts, a crater should do.

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