Listen to deepfake Gucci Mane read classic literature

Mark Twain as soon as stated that the mark of a classic is that everybody desires to have read it however not truly read it. It is sensible: Classics should present some inventive or cultural worth to be thought-about “classic” — however they’re simply so boring. 

MSCHF simply made the Western canon extra thrilling with Project Gucciberg. It is Project Gutenberg (a set of public area Western literature) meets the rapper Gucci Mane. Utilizing Synthetic Intelligence, MSCHF recreated his voice to read classics from Pleasure and Prejudice to Don Quixote. “A fantastic voice plus an excellent e book creates a killer audiobook,” the web site reads.

Just a few extra Gucci-fied classics.

Just some more Gucci-fied classics.

Just a few extra Gucci-fied classics.

Inside just a few seconds of listening to, say, Jekyll and Hyde or Little Girls, you may discover that Gucciberg has the identical uncanny valley feeling as different deepfakes. The narration sounds a lot just like the rapper it is humorous, however there’s the small-yet-noticeable hiccups that remind you that it is, certainly, pretend. 

“We did not write the books, and we deepfaked the voice. Is that this copyright infringement? Is it identification theft?” the web site asks. MSCHF, who’s pissed off everybody from Boston Dynamics to Disney, made certain to cowl themselves: “All the coaching information (recordings) used to make Undertaking Gucciberg had been publicly out there on the net. Gucciberg lives in that pretty gray space the place the whole lot’s new and something goes.”

All the things’s new and something goes, so seize a cup of tea and let Gucci Mane weave a classic story on Project Gucciberg

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