It’s time to dig into everything that happens in the ‘Eternals’ post-credits scenes

Eternals would not spend loads of time interested by the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, however the inevitable one-two punch of mid- and post-credits scenes raises some intriguing prospects for the way forward for Part 4.

A lot has been stated about the spoiler blast that revealed Harry Types joins the MCU in a mid-credits scene. We realized he is taking part in Eros, brother of the Mad Titan (A.Okay.A. Thanos). However that was just about it. The specifics had to look ahead to Eternals’ precise launch, and hoo boy is there quite a bit to go over right here.

Then there’s the post-credits scene. A quiet second with Equipment Harington’s Dane Whitman sheds extra perception into the “sophisticated” household historical past he hinted at earlier than Arishem whisked off his Everlasting girlfriend Sersi to cosmic elements unknown. The 2 scenes aren’t instantly linked, however they do open up some essential prospects for the street forward in the MCU.

Let’s get into it.

Starfox and Pip

Eros and Pip's arrival opens the door to cosmic MCU stories even wider.

Eros and Pip’s arrival opens the door to cosmic MCU tales even wider.
Credit score: courtesy of marvel studios

Harry would not reveal himself instantly in this scene, set aboard the Eternals’ ship, the Domo, after Druig, Makkari, and Thena jet off into the depths of area. His arrival is preceded by a shimmering rainbow-colored vitality area that first spits out a brief, booze-swilling being with exaggerated facial options and a wild mane of pink hair.

Say whats up to Pip the Troll, a newcomer to the MCU however a personality who has an extended historical past in the comics. Unmistakably voiced right here by Patton Oswalt, the considerably dazed and apparently inebriated Pip sways unsteadily as he belts out an ostentatious introduction spiel to herald the arrival of his obvious patron, Eros.

In walks Harry Types, rising from the identical shimmering rainbow of sunshine, which seems to be awfully comparable to the vitality that powers Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge. He is decked out in a pink costume with a silver-and-gold patterned chest piece that wraps round outsized shoulder pads. It’s a glance that cuts very shut to how he’s typically appeared in the comics.

There are just a few small issues to hold in thoughts about the comics’ iterations of those characters. Eros, who additionally goes by the identify Starfox, is not a jerk like his brother. In actual fact, he is fought alongside the Avengers a number of instances. He is even blended it up a bit with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pip, in the meantime, is a former prince who was remodeled into a troll after he went on a bender ingesting some actually highly effective stuff. He was sort of a dick in his princely life, and by all accounts, it was a well-deserved transformation. He is principally been related to Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer in the comics, however he has a historical past with Starfox as nicely. So, it isn’t a complete shock to see them take to the MCU stage collectively.

After Arishem abducts the Eternals who stayed on Earth, it is a smirking Eros who breaks that information to the others. Then, he provides that he is aware of the place the lacking Eternals are and the way to discover them. In case you unfocus your thoughts’s eye sufficient, it virtually appears like he is teasing a potential plotline for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Wanting to the comics for steerage on the place the MCU will go subsequent has traditionally been a horrible thought past giving us a primary sense of who characters are. However Eros and Pip each fall squarely into the realm of cosmic Marvel tales. The MCU has barely flirted with that huge storytelling panorama past the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Now, Eternals cracks that door opens fairly a bit wider, leaving loads of room for a future team-up with Star-Lord and his lovable crew of misfits.

Say whats up to Black Knight

Dane Whitman hinted at his "complicated" family history. He wasn't kidding!!

Dane Whitman hinted at his “sophisticated” household historical past. He wasn’t kidding!!
Credit score: Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Dane Whitman’s considerably imprecise post-credits popping out occasion as a metahuman is not actually a shock. Equipment Harington was forged as Whitman all the way back in 2019, and the character’s identify is synonymous with Black Knight in the comics.

Comedian ebook Dane’s powers have been drawn from a cursed sword, the Ebony Blade, which he inherited from his uncle, a former, villainous Black Knight. The sword, which the Arthurian wizard Merlin had a hand in forging, bestows its wielder with immortality and safety towards magic. It may additionally minimize by means of something. However the curse feeds on the wielder’s unfavorable feelings, driving them towards violence and a lust for blood.

Already, we will see some direct ties to Eternals in the particulars right here. On their cellphone name, Sersi mentions Dane’s estranged relationship along with his mysterious uncle. We additionally know that his household historical past is extra “sophisticated” than he initially lets on to Sersi.

What’s extra, the wood field that seems in his dwelling appears to include the Ebony Blade itself. It’s an ebony-colored blade wrapped in a bloodied bandage. Inside the field, a Latin phrase that interprets to “Dying is my reward” nods to the comics, the place the Ebony Blade ultimately overwhelms its wielder and drives them towards dying. As Dane reaches towards it, the metallic of the blade appears to reply, rippling towards his fingers.

The scene ends as a male voice speaks off-camera, addressing Dane instantly: “Are you positive you are prepared for that?” There’s an fringe of menace to the manner the query is posed, however we by no means study who the speaker is.

Wanting to the comics for MCU clues might not be useful most of the time, however there may be one little bit of Black Knight lore value mentioning. When Dane turns into the Black Knight, he decides to align himself with the forces of fine. Finally, that choice sees him preventing alongside the Avengers as they tackle… Kang the Conquerer.

We have not technically met Kang but in the MCU, however we met a model of him in Loki. In the closing episode of the Disney+ sequence, Loki and Sylvie lastly come face-to-face with the true founding father of the Time Variance Authority and defender of the Sacred Timeline: He Who Remains. The character, performed by Jonathan Majors, describes Kang as a variant model of himself who was vanquished in a Multiversal Conflict for management of, nicely… mainly everything.

It’s extensively believed that Majors’ introduction in Loki is establishing a a lot bigger position for Kang in the close to way forward for the MCU. In the comics, Kang is moderately notoriously a villainous time traveler. Individually in the comics, the Ebony Blade hyperlinks again to Arthurian legend — not solely did Merlin have a hand in forging it, however the blade itself is a darkish counterpart to Excalibur (which additionally exhibits up in Eternals).

None of this makes it clear who asks Dane that query in the post-credits scene. But when Kang is basically coming, he might do quite a bit worse in a theoretical seek for potential allies than a corruptible man, who attracts his energy from a cursed sword with connections to the distant previous.

Eternals opens in theaters on Nov. 5.

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