Is This VP Harris Gambit Real?

I’ve been wrestling all day with this declare that Vice President Harris has the distinctive means to overrule the Senate parliamentarian on this ruling concerning the whether or not the minimal wage hike will be included within the COVID reduction invoice. Critically, it’s claimed that whereas the Senate can overrule her it may solely achieve this with 60 votes. That makes all of the distinction on the earth since whereas all fifty Republicans and Manchin or Manchin and Sinema may overrule her with 52 votes there’s mainly no manner they get to 60 votes.

However is that 60 vote rule actual? Is that what can be wanted to overrule Harris?

I had a complete publish put collectively on the politics of this. However then I questioned once more whether or not the 60 vote rule factor was correct because it’s such a sport changer. It doesn’t sound correct. I obtained much more suspicious after I realized that references to all of it appeared to hint again to an article by David Sirota by which he references a “secret memo” which makes this declare. All different disagreements apart, Sirota has what I’d name a well-earned fame for tendentious arguments intertwined together with his advocacy.

So at this level I began to suppose that this complete declare was bogus.


However right here’s the factor. Regardless of the “secret memo” says, Sirota appears to be proper. Although Sirota didn’t immediately hyperlink to it, The American Prospect’s David Dayen flags this Congressional Analysis Service report that backs it up. (This is the report that the “secret memo” purports to reference.) And this one is public and we will learn it. See the reference on the backside for appeals of choices of rulings of the chair, who on this case can be Harris presiding over the Senate.

So to my shock, it appears to be the case that it will take 60 votes to overrule Harris, a hill that will be too steep for opponents to climb. The politics stay extremely sophisticated. However I believe that is proper. For parliamentary and hill sorts, let me know if this appears proper. As a result of whether or not or not it’s is a fairly large deal for the time being.

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