Hyundai’s restomod Grandeur is the perfect EV for a supervillain

As somebody who solely dabbles in automotive tradition, I often discover ideas to be extra bizarre than engaging — however this is completely not the case for Hyundai’s Heritage Series Grandeur EV, which fits with an unbelievable retro aesthetic, fairly than an alien future one. Whereas Hyundai says that the automotive is made to have fun the anniversary of its flagship sedan launched in the mid-‘80s, there’s just one factor that springs to thoughts when it: that it will be the perfect automobile for a supervillain.

To be clear, I don’t imply a Marvel-style antagonist with supernatural powers. I imply a Gordan Gekko-esque SOB; somebody wealthy sufficient to form the future or bend the ear of bought-off politicians. The automotive’s blacked-out home windows, strong hubcaps, and pixel-esque lights would look perfect in a Hollywood film that warns audiences about the perils of greed, whereas concurrently making its spoils look so rattling engaging.

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  • If this was a body from a film, you wouldn’t anticipate a good man to be stepping out of this automotive.

    Picture: Hyundai

  • Picture: Hyundai

  • I imply, come on. It even has a cigar drawer.

    Picture: Hyundai

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The infotainment system, which you would use to queue up your playlist that simply loops The Weeknd’s “Heartless” and “Religion.”

Picture: Hyundai

(Facet word: a video of the car posted on YouTube exhibits that the head and taillight “pixels” may even animate, a la KITT from Knight Rider. It’d be so distracting on the highway however appears precisely like the kind of factor you’d see in, say, Cyberpunk 2077.)

By the approach, none of this is meant as an insult to the automotive or its designers. It seems, to be frank, rad as hell, and it’s straightforward to think about a friendlier model that appears extra like the household sedans of the period. However this idea, with a velvet and leather-based inside, is sinister in the finest approach.

If Hyundai truly began producing its ideas, although, the Heritage Collection Grandeur isn’t the one I’d truly wish to purchase. The Heritage Collection Pony is extra my velocity: a small, three-door idea that, I child you not, has a Nixie tube speedometer and horsepower meter. It’s like the Honda e (which I’d actually like to be obtainable in America, Honda!) noticed the authentic RoboCop and began going by way of a bizarre part that truly sort of works for them? I actually discover it extra fascinating than Hyundai’s final Pony-inspired idea.

The Pony is my dream automotive — an EV that speaks extra to the New Coke-sipping intern than the quaalude-pounding CEO dashing previous them in a Grandeur.

Picture: Hyundai

The Pony’s Nixie tube readout. Paging Steve Wozniak.

Picture: Hyundai

Sadly, it looks like each these vehicles are largely simply alternatives for Hyundai to indicate off each its creativity and its pixel-style lights that it guarantees will probably be a characteristic of an precise upcoming manufacturing EV. All I can do is hope that like VW earlier than it, Hyundai sees the stir its ideas triggered and figures out some crash test-abiding approach to launch a actual ‘80s revival automotive. It wouldn’t need to lovingly restore actual vehicles from the period with a fashionable electrical drivetrain (prefer it did with the Pony) to promote a automotive virtually purely on nostalgia. It’s labored out fairly properly for Ford with the Bronco, proper?

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