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Twenty years since Halo: Fight Developed, Grasp Chief remains to be “ending the struggle”. Made notorious by Halo 2’s untimely cliffhanger ending, the road is uttered with zero irony at Halo Infinite’s conclusion: it’s turn out to be the catchphrase for a sequence that’s travelling in circles, all the time defaulting to one thing like the unique fable of a craggy supersoldier combating alien zealots for management of universe-ending Forerunner relics.

Infinite takes place on one more beautiful ringworld, the place Grasp Chief groups up with a nervy pilot and a chirpy new AI buddy to battle a renegade group known as the Banished. It’s the identical outdated story with the identical rousing musical motifs, however the geography has modified: predominant missions are actually threaded by way of a lush open expanse akin to that of a Far Cry game, the place you’ll sort out sidequests reminiscent of hostage rescue, and declare bases that allow you to fast-travel and rearm. The additional area amplifies Halo’s present brilliance as a martial playground, outlined much less by reflexes and accuracy than giddy improvisation, but it surely’s not fairly sufficient to make this backward-glancing game unmissable.

Halo is a part of the good “Daddification” of motion gaming, in which long-serving heroes have been reinvented as scarred patriarchs scuffling with years of conflict trauma. For Grasp Chief, this implies wrangling with the ladies who made and information him – Dr Halsey, his unreachable mom determine; Cortana, his first AI soulmate, and the Weapon, this 12 months’s holographic sidekick, who places in double responsibility as palm-top comedian aid and lock breaker. Girls are not often permitted to star in Halo video games, however they’re central in methods each dramatic and mundane. With out the Weapon, Grasp Chief wouldn’t make it previous the primary sealed door, and it’s by way of dialog together with her that we discover his awkward romance with Cortana, who isn’t fairly a reminiscence.

Halo Infinite
‘Violence as wacky and infectious as its story is po-faced’ … Halo Infinite. {Photograph}: Microsoft/AFP/Getty Photos

The final three numbered Halo video games hit comparable beats, and returning gamers might battle to care, not least as a result of the soul-searching accompanies a whole lot of corridor-crawling. Save for a couple of base assaults, predominant missions are spent in shiny hexagonal chambers underground, monitoring down buttons and energy cells for elevators or bridges. These interiors are nice fight areas, with a rewarding play of sightlines and elevations, however they’re visually monotonous – as is the plot. The villain is one other scenery-chewing faux-Klingon warlord and the “twists” are retreats to themes from earlier video games. In contrast to in most numbered Halos, nevertheless, there’s no hidden second enemy faction to boost the ultimate hours.


Infinite’s star isn’t a personality however Grasp Chief’s new grappling gun, a well-known video game toy that proves transformative right here. It each speeds you throughout the newly huge floor areas and zests up your footwork in battle, letting you slingshot round corners and reel your self in direction of shocked opponents. You can even yank issues round with it: Infinite’s ace transfer is lassoing gasoline canisters and bowling them at foes.

This contact of Spider-Man factors to Halo’s standing as an undeclared slapstick comedy, its violence as wacky and infectious as its story is po-faced. Most issues in the world are primed to blow up – and explode once more, as fragments collide with silos, flipping automobiles as in the event that they have been tables and sending punctured spacesuits whistling throughout the ground.

Infinite is finest when it embraces this absurdity. There’s way more battle chatter than in earlier video games, and it has by no means been extra clearly written for laughs – be it a charging alien Grunt squealing “I’m gonna remorse this!” or a proud Elite bellowing in outrage if you glue a bomb to its leg. The open world sections exaggerate all this fantastically, letting you pounce on the opposition from all angles utilizing any mixture of automobiles and ordnance. The emphasis on advert libbing rescues the game from the fatigue that usually afflicts open-world video games with mountains of non-compulsory goals.

The chaos continues in the standalone multiplayer, which is cut up between 4v4 gangland throwdowns and bewildering 24-player big-team battles, with modes starting from seize the flag and vanilla deathmatch to time-limited oddities reminiscent of Fiesta, which grants you random weapons. Halo’s secret sauce as a multiplayer shooter is longevity – recharging overshields stretch out duels, emphasising agility and a degree head over twitch reactions.

The maps are spacious, elegantly damaged down into pockets of terrain that encourage particular techniques, and thoroughly sprinkled with tide-turning pick-ups reminiscent of rocket launchers. Infinite’s title displays Halo’s evolution right into a service game, with themed seasons and purchasable battle passes unlocking beauty gadgets for multiplayer use, however there’s no paying for gadgets that offer you an edge in the fray. That is old-school Halo blasting, by way of and thru.

You could possibly argue that Grasp Chief is the required foil to Halo’s inherent silliness, the gravelly undertone that ties all of the pratfalls collectively. All the identical, he and his incapability to recover from Cortana have lengthy since misplaced their allure. The sequence has tried to maneuver away from him earlier than – in that regard, Halo 3: ODST stays its best hour. It wants to hold on making an attempt.

Halo Infinite is launched on 8 December, £54.99.

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