GameStop’s CFO has resigned because of course he did

GameStop CFO Jim Bell has resigned, and will likely be leaving the online game retailer for good on March twenty sixth. That’s simply over a month from now. GameStop additionally introduced a “succession plan,” simply in case it could actually’t instantly discover anybody appropriate to speed up a mall-based online game retailer’s transformation into the post-pandemic future. We will solely speculate on the explanations for his departure, however let’s simply come out and say what everyone seems to be considering: STONKS!

It’s not like he had a falling-out with the corporate: “Mr. Bell’s resignation was not because of any disagreement with the Firm on any matter regarding the Firm’s operations, insurance policies or practices, together with accounting ideas and practices,” writes GameStop in this SEC filing.

What I wish to know: did the Tendieman come for Bell? If not, maybe he can nonetheless get a producer credit score on the umpteen GameStock movies, or a pleasant ebook deal.

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