Family of anti-Franco Spanish mayor hail DNA match to remains | Spain

Greater than eight many years after she was murdered, the remains of Spain’s first feminine mayor of the second republic have been recognized, wrapping up a months-long investigation that has helped to forged a highlight on María Domínguez Remón’s trailblazing legacy.

An exhumation, carried out earlier this yr within the small city of Fuendejalón, Aragón, ignited hopes that the remains of Domínguez had been discovered. A handful of clues hinted that the remains have been these of the feminist and rights activist; the situation dovetailed with stories of the place she was believed to be, the cranium bore a gap the place it had been punctured by a bullet and mendacity with the remains was a small brown comb like that worn by Domínguez.

On Tuesday, Juan José Espligares, the great-grandson of Domínguez’s sister, was knowledgeable that the DNA lately taken from his finger was a match with the remains.

“It’s an immense pleasure,” he informed the Guardian. “Her remains had been there for 85 years.” The household has stated they intend to preserve the remains in Fuendejalón’s cemetery.


Born to a household of illiterate fieldworkers, Domínguez taught herself how to learn and write, setting off on her personal after her household pressured her to marry an abusive man. Her time period as mayor of the small Aragonese city of Gallur lasted about eight months, however she used the time to construct a college and usher in labour laws earlier than returning to instructing and journalism.

She was 54 years outdated when she was killed by troops loyal to Basic Francisco Franco in September 1936.

The remains, exhumed at the cemetery in the town of Fuendejalón, Aragón, now confirmed as those of María Domínguez Remón
The remains, exhumed on the cemetery within the city of Fuendejalón, Aragón, now confirmed as these of María Domínguez Remón. {Photograph}: ARICO/AFAAEM

In latest weeks, as a authorities laboratory in Aragón diligently probed the DNA samples, the search helped to forged a highlight on Domínguez’s legacy, stated Pilar Gimeno, who heads the Association for the Relatives and Friends of Those Murdered and Buried in Magallón.

Municipalities throughout Spain are weighing tributes, roundtables and posthumous honours for Domínguez, stated Gimeno. Amongst those that have hailed her legacy is Carmen Calvo, one of Spain’s deputy prime ministers and the minister for historic reminiscence, who recently described her as a “nice fighter for socialism and feminism” on Twitter.

Whereas Gimeno was celebrating the discover, she famous that it was one other step within the large process of uncovering Spain’s murky previous. “Every time you’re able to establish and discover remains for a household, you shut off a cycle of ache,” she stated. “What the fascists forgot was that the useless depart behind those that reside. And the dwelling have reminiscence.”

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