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Earlier right now I set you three questions from a Russian maths competitors used to advertise the Worldwide Congress of Mathematicians, which shall be held in July subsequent yr in St Petersburg.

1. Pet swap

A cat is sitting on the desk and a tortoise is crawling on the ground straight beneath it. The gap from the cat’s ears to the highest of the tortoise’s shell is 170 cm. Alena switched her pets round. Now the gap from the cat’s ears to the highest of the tortoise’s shell is 130 cm. What’s the top of the desk?

IMC puzzle
{Photograph}: ICM 2022

Resolution: 150 cm


Put the desk from the primary image on the desk from the second image in order that the tortoises are aligned.

ICM puzzle
{Photograph}: ICM 2022

Then the gap from the ears of the underside cat to the ears of the highest cat shall be 130 + 170 = 300 cm. This distance is the same as twice the peak of the desk, therefore the reply is 150 cm.

2. Round pondering

Volodya is operating round a round monitor at a relentless velocity. At two of the factors on the monitor are two yellow marks. When he began his run, Volodya was nearer to the primary yellow mark for two minutes, then he was nearer to the second yellow mark for 3 minutes, after which he was nearer to the primary yellow mark once more.

How lengthy does it take Volodya to run one full circle?

Resolution 6 minutes.

Denote the primary and second yellow marks as A and B. Let factors C and D mark a diameter such that each level on CD is equidistant from A and B. What you are doing is chopping the circle in half such that every one factors on one facet are nearer to A and all factors on the opposite are nearer to B.

ICM puzzle
{Photograph}: ICM 2022

If he’s nearer to B for 3 minutes, this should imply that he runs the CBD arc in 3 minutes. Consequently, he runs your complete circle in 6 minutes.

The truth that Volodya was nearer to the primary mark for the primary two minutes isn’t crucial to find out the time through which he runs a full circle.

3. Path of glory

Olga should stroll by the 3×3 gird under left, shifting both horizontally or vertically from cell to cell, and never getting into any cell greater than as soon as. Beneath proper reveals one doable path. If Olga writes down the digits she passes so as throughout this path, she would get the quantity 84937561.

ICM puzzle
{Photograph}: ICM 2022

What’s the largest quantity doable it’s doable for Olga to write down down throughout a path by the grid?


Resolution 573618492.

First, word {that a} nine-digit quantity shall be bigger than a quantity with fewer digits. So, we are going to search for the reply among the many nine-digit numbers. Subsequent, it’s clear that the best quantity is the one which begins with the best digit.

{Photograph}: ICM 2022

If the sq. is coloured as a chessboard as proven left then the color of the cells ought to alternate when strolling on the chosen path. Since we have now 5 white cells and 4 black cells, the stroll should begin with a white cell. The biggest quantity within the white cells is 5.

At every step you want to maximise the following digit place, that’s, go to the cell with the biggest doable digit. This precept determines the next numbers, 7 and three. The utmost quantity among the many neighbors of quantity 3 is 9. But when you go to cell 9, you will be unable to finish the trail – the sq. will break into two unconnected areas. You may’t go from 3 to eight for a similar motive. So, you should go to six. The best way ahead is unambiguous: 573618492.

ICM puzzle
{Photograph}: ICM 2022

Due to the ICM 2022 for letting me use the puzzles. Yow will discover more about the event here. Sources: 1: Maths golf equipment folklore. 2. Moscow Mathematics Olympiad 2015 3. Math Fest 2012.

I set a puzzle right here each two weeks on a Monday. I’m at all times on the look-out for nice puzzles. If you want to recommend one, e-mail me.

I additionally give college talks about maths and puzzles (restrictions permitting). In case your college is please get in contact.

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