DC officially won’t let Batman go down on Catwoman, and Twitter is in an uproar

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It appears Batman is officially a egocentric lover. So a few years spent coaching to change into a grasp detective, but he should still have problem finding the G-spot.

In a feature published on Monday, Selection explored how superhero tales are evolving in order to maintain audiences engaged. Nonetheless, it is an anecdote from Harley Quinn co-creator and govt producer Justin Halpern that has caught the web’s consideration and creativeness. 

Talking on the inventive freedom that comes with writing villains fairly than heroes, Halpern gave the instance of a second in the upcoming third season of the animated sequence the place Batman was initially meant to be “going down” on Catwoman. Sadly, the upper ups at DC have been having none of it.

“They’re like, ‘Heroes do not try this,'” mentioned Halpern. “So we mentioned, ‘Are you saying heroes are simply egocentric lovers?’ They have been like, ‘No, it is that we promote client toys for heroes. It is arduous to promote a toy if Batman is additionally going down on somebody.'”

This is outrageous. Once they instructed us Batman traveled the world changing into a grasp of all expertise I at all times assumed they meant *all* expertise.

— Ramar (@Duvisited) June 14, 2021

It is sensible that DC could be protecting of considered one of their most iconic, recognisable, and marketable characters. But one may simply argue that Batman’s sexual prowess may open up new toy merchandising alternatives, notably contemplating his affinity for attention-grabbing little devices. Harley Quinn is additionally very R-rated, and should not be getting into the eyeballs of anybody who is likely to be turned off a Batman motion determine by his bed room actions anyway.

The ban on bat-oral looks like a bizarre line for DC to attract in the case of the Darkish Knight’s much less vengeance-oriented nighttime escapades. Several fans have identified the corporate had no drawback with Batman going at it with Batgirl in 2016 animated film Batman: The Killing Joke regardless of the uncomfortable energy dynamics, important age distinction, and the truth that Batgirl is extra ceaselessly seen as a romantic curiosity to Nightwing — the primary Robin and Batman’s adopted son.

Regardless of the brand new ruling relating to their intercourse lives, heroes equivalent to notably generous lover Green Arrow have beforehand gone downtown on their companions in DC’s comics. It is potential there are completely different requirements for cartoons, however is not as if the adult-targeted Harley Quinn shies away from intercourse both — the titular character clearly will get it on with Poison Ivy on multiple occasions.

The obvious conclusion we will draw is that it is the particular act of consuming out, performed by the particular hero Batman, that DC has determined merely wouldn’t occur.

Mashable has reached out to DC for clarification relating to Batman’s intercourse life, and it was in all probability essentially the most uncomfortable press inquiry I’ve ever despatched.

After all, there are already quite a few, assorted takes on the entire bat intercourse scenario, which has captured the hearts and minds of 1000’s. Of those, followers on Twitter are largely divided into two camps: these mocking the apparently sexually inept billionaire, and these digging in their heels as Batman cunnilingus truthers.

Batman Begins however none of his girls end

— Malik 🎤 (@Malik4Play) June 14, 2021

I consider that Batman is unhealthy at intercourse and that is canon

— Molly Lambert 🦔 (@mollylambert) June 14, 2021

batman cant go down on a lady as a result of bruce wayne is famously nice at it and it will compromise his identification

— Ben Rosen (@ben_rosen) June 14, 2021

Batman not consuming pussy simply reinforces the very true stereotype that billionaires are all egocentric schmucks.

— The Risky Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) June 14, 2021

ive written Batman and he does

— T$E CHUN (@thetzechun) June 14, 2021

Why would Batman’s entire backside face be open if he didn’t do oral, ridiculous

— rb (@RheaButcher) June 14, 2021

settle for the reality that batman eats p*ssy the identical manner he does every little thing: with freakish, obsessive diligence and expertise unreasonable for any regular human to have

— dr. victor von gloom ⛈✨ (@foeyeahboi) June 14, 2021

So choose this discourse to ought to Batman kill the joker

— Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) June 14, 2021

Everyone knows Nightwing does.

— Kyle Higgins (@KyleDHiggins) June 14, 2021

I’m simply glad Batman’s dad and mom aren’t alive to see this dialogue

— Jess Dweck (@TheDweck) June 15, 2021

The egocentric lovers at DC could have determined that officially, in the corporate canon, Batman has by no means given head. Nonetheless, the fantastic thing about the Caped Crusader’s masks is that it permits him to be no matter we’d like him to be. He belongs to the individuals, a faceless avatar upon whom the lots can venture their darkest goals and needs, whether or not they want for justice, vengeance — or one thing a bit extra risqué.

Harley Quinn is obtainable to stream on HBO Max.

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