CFP title: Fans split on Stetson Bennett fumble, Alabama recovery

Earlier in Monday’s nationwide championship between Alabama and Georgia, a possible scoop and rating for the Bulldogs was reversed and deemed an incomplete cross by Bryce Younger. Quick ahead to the fourth quarter, and the Crimson Tide benefited from an identical play, this break day the hand of Stetson Bennett IV.

Going through stress from the Alabama protection, Bennett tried to throw the ball away. As an alternative, the ball started to roll earlier than his ahead passing movement. It nearly reached the sideline, however Crimson Tide defender Brian Department casually snagged it, as his toe was both proper on or simply shy of the road. The play wound up having two large judgment calls: did Bennett throw or fumble the ball, and did Department keep in-bounds? Finally the ACC referee crew made each calls in favor of the Crimson Tide.


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