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Earlier this week, Benedict Cumberbatch picked up his first nomination this awards season: greatest actor in a drama at the Golden Globes for The Power of the Dog. It’s going to not be his final. In Jane Campion’s western, tailored from the novel by Thomas Savage, he performs Phil Burbank, a sensible however vile cattle rancher in 1925 Montana.

Skilled at the begin of the century by an iconic cowboy referred to as Bronco Henry, Phil bullies everybody: males, animals, his brother, George (Jesse Plemons) – and, notably, George’s new spouse, Rose (Kirsten Dunst), and her delicate son, Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee).

Campion’s movie is a thriller, wound tight as a noose, even in these scenes which allow glimmers of Phil’s secret life, one far faraway from the dust and aggression of the ranch.

I spoke to Cumberbatch as he was driving to the set of the new Physician Unusual movie in Hollywood, about his experiences capturing the western in New Zealand over the first 9 months of 2020 (with a three-month break at the begin of Covid restrictions), and his emotions about the movie now.

You’ve stated that once you watched The Power of the Dog, you have been amazed by being capable of see the entire arc of your character Phil, simply as you’d hoped. Is that uncommon?

I don’t know if watching your individual work is a good or unhealthy factor. I don’t understand how a lot I be taught from it. Every particular person circumstance holds its personal world of singularities and peculiarities. However amongst that, you’ll be able to go: “Oh yeah, I do not forget that was what I tried to do.” Typically it doesn’t match with the solid or the power of the scene or the beat of one other character. However to sit down down in the viewers and go: “Oh my God, I believe that was what I meant”, was nice.

Typically you are concerned the director is trying from a very particular angle and perhaps a higher take or completely different take has been neglected as a result of of what they’re prioritising. However every thing about this challenge felt very in sync with Jane and her course of. In the rawest kind of simply constructing the character as properly; I felt as if I used to be doing it alongside her in pre-production.

We had an equal love and have to rigorously create this character from the web page to the display screen. We understood the complexity of a man whose monstrous behaviour masks a deep properly of ache; a scar wanted to be understood with a purpose to be inhabited. I’d by no means had that lengthy in the firm of a director doing the identical kind of issues to get to a character. I don’t know if she at all times works like that nevertheless it simply felt like I used to be occurring a journey with a good friend.

I didn’t really feel like I used to be being steered by her as a result of we have been utilizing instruments to manifest the outcomes after which sharing them. Whether or not it was me going to dude camp to be taught the outward abilities of the man or whether or not it was the extra inside, psychological work with dream evaluation and function taking part in to search out the core of the man, we have been at all times doing comparable work or sharing the work at the identical time. It’s simply a pretty, productive factor to do with the director when you will have the luxurious of time. She wished me to kind of marinate it for longer than I often get. Typically, as a result of of a fortunately busy profession, I’m sort of constructing the aircraft because it takes off.

Jane Campion.
Jane Campion. {Photograph}: Philippe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Photographs

What did you want about Phil? What do you miss about him?

I appreciated his directness. His mastery of the world. And I actually, actually appreciated the proven fact that he was somebody who introduced the outdoors in. He was all about nature. He was consumed by each side, each craft, each element of his job involving males, animals and the panorama. The manner he noticed element in every thing – not simply the canine in the shadows – however every thing. He had that extremely attuned, animalistic sensibility in direction of his atmosphere.

The stewardship of land and animals was a very completely different factor in these days: far harsher, far much less low-impact. You rode ’em laborious and acquired what you wanted and that was that. After which he burned the hides! I by no means actually understood that apart from as the have to devour every thing that his work produced. However I admired his full involvement.

And as any individual who’s a bit of a people-pleaser and apologetic at the greatest of occasions, who worries an excessive amount of about what folks assume of me, I loved the freedom of being any individual who wasn’t in that house. In fact, there’s this deep kernel of reality he by no means lets get uncovered. And that ties into the breadth of worry and fury that we all know he has. However he may stand together with his palms behind his again and survey all these scenes with a kind of calm acceptance and figuring out. And not be taken in with the hoopla of worrying about what the ranch-hands assume of him. He’s very confident. I admired that.

‘His loneliness and pain – I felt for that’ … Cumberbatch as Phil in The Power of the Dog.
‘His loneliness and ache – I felt for that’ … Cumberbatch as Phil in The Power of the Dog. {Photograph}: Kirsty Griffin/AP

I’ve a deep, deep empathy for him, a actual love for him, a actual feeling of the tragedy of somebody who has lived his complete life in a secretive manner other than one small shard of acceptance and tolerance with a man in his teenage years. He was 19 when he watched Bronco Henry die at a corral in a stampede of loss of life. So that is a man who has lived his complete life with out absolutely figuring out what it’s to like and to be loved. The loneliness and the ache of that – I felt for that, I actually did.

How has it modified your individual relationship with nature? And the way has that modified over the course of the previous two years?

It’s fully heightened the worth of what it’s to be in nature. The nurture that nature offers, the solutions it holds and our dependence on it. But in addition to have an expertise the place everybody – via the circumstances of the pandemic – was compelled to cease and to ponder.

You might not be in a extra stunning instance of Earth’s abundance and selection than New Zealand to make a movie like this. If all the exteriors have been shot in some sort of Mandalorian atmosphere, that might’ve been a hell of an performing train. I used to be terrified sufficient about clinking in spurs throughout a automobile park in Auckland to do the studio part of the shoot.

You might be supplied with an additional character by being surrounded by that atmosphere. And when it’s one thing that your character is so depending on, it’s such a lifeline. It nourishes him and offers his wellbeing and his career. However it’s additionally a sanctuary, a place the place he finds solace and may categorical himself, the place he rebaptises himself. For me, it’s not nearly being clear, that kind of sacred house the place Phil washes and is found by Peter and re-engages with the reminiscence of Bronco Henry. That place, it holds him and that water is purifying for him, bringing him again to one thing that’s trustworthy and true. Not simply washing away the dust of his work, however the masks of his life.

To have these instruments, to have the ability to be in that water and sort of join, was an absolute reward. On the first day of the shoot we have been launched to Maori elders from the native tribe who did a blessing to welcome us to the land and to ask the land to bless and assist the challenge. I used to be already in character and so was standing a little bit to the facet as Phil’s acquired a barely tenuous hyperlink with indigenous tradition. Jane launched me as Phil, not as Benedict, and stated they’d meet Benedict at the finish of the shoot. It felt very tied into that second of submergence into the character.

I went for hours and hours to only lie in the grass, to maneuver round the set, to take a look at these hills, to observe the gentle change. Throughout the shoot, we had each kind of blessing. We even had snow! All kinds of climate that you can presumably need for a shoot that tells a story, contextualised by atmosphere, over a yearly cycle at this ranch. We checked out one another a lot and went: that is sort of extraordinary. And the locals have been saying that, not simply the wide-eyed Europeans.

I used to be very outdoorsy earlier than. I’m all about that. That’s my refuge as properly. Not for the identical causes as Phil, however I discover consolation in the humbling scale of it, of what it returns you to assume of in phrases of being a species on the third rock from the solar, relatively than every thing else we tie ourselves in knots over, to do with identification and our day-to-day struggles.

‘Horse riding I’ll definitely keep up’ … Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog.
‘Horse driving I’ll positively sustain’ … Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog. {Photograph}: Courtesy Of Netflix/AP

At dude camp you had driving and banjo classes. You be taughted find out how to roll a cigarette one-handed and castrate a bull. Have you ever stored any of that up?

Yeah! Additionally taxidermy and ironmongery. Taxidermy is little bit laborious to come back by on this half of LA [where he’s shooting the new Dr Strange]. I believe I’d get a few frowns. Horse driving I’ll positively sustain. Ironmongery is a very particular factor. Roping and braiding: I haven’t caught myself braiding a bit of grass or twine or anything at hand, in moments the place I might have finished.

I do nonetheless use the loud whistle. That’s very useful once you’re corralling young children on a seashore or they’re far-off from you. I hope they don’t develop up considering that I believe of them as Phil thinks of his cattle. However it’s a good device of communication. And it’s higher than shouting out names.

I actually loved taking part in the banjo. I used to be terrible at it in comparison with Phil, nevertheless it’s a very satisfying if peculiar instrument and you may have a lot of enjoyable with it, with little or no ability. I’m getting there.

What do you play?

Little workout routines and repetitive scales and requirements that are on the verge of bluegrass however the minute I velocity them up sort of disintegrate. A bit of Radiohead. It’s very meditative. I’m not gonna sing on a stage any time quickly; it’s only for my very own enjoyment. However I actually do find it irresistible.

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