As WandaVision nears its end, episode 8 looks through the past

The trail to WandaVision hasn’t been a straightforward one for Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios workforce. Properly, at the very least the path to Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda Maximoff, certainly one of the strongest characters each in the MCU and the comics, discovered herself the baby of divorced dad and mom. There was Disney on one facet that needed to make use of the character in its Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and twentieth Century Fox on the different that technically owned her rights. Marvel’s workforce discovered a technique to make the character work, however one thing at all times felt off.

Following Disney’s acquisition of twenty first Century Fox, and all the pieces changing into one big household, issues have modified — and a lot of how this will profit the MCU turned clear in WandaVision’s penultimate episode.



A portrait of grief

It nearly feels silly to speak about theories of what’s to return. This episode was the most poignant, lovely breakdown of the unbelievable grief Wanda Maximoff has skilled all through her life. Agatha, who was launched at the finish of final week’s episode as the witch masquerading as Wanda’s neighbor Agnes, brings Wanda on a journey through the past utilizing a sequence of portals.

We see as Wanda watched her dad and mom die by the palms of a Stark Industries missile in Sokovia, whereas trapped below the mattress together with her twin brother Pietro, the solely household she had left. It then strikes to the Hydra facility the place Wanda and Pietro volunteered for the group. Her powers, seemingly current from when she was a younger baby, permit her to the touch the thoughts stone trapped inside the scepter seen with Loki in The Avengers with out instantly dying.

In a post-Age of Ultron world, Wanda is as soon as once more coping with extra grief after Pietro was gunned down in Sokovia after making an attempt to assist the Avengers. In a single heartbreaking scene, the place Imaginative and prescient is making an attempt to assist Wanda through the grieving course of, we’re handled to an intimate dialog between the two, whereby Imaginative and prescient tells Wanda, “What’s grief if not love persevering?”

The ultimate little bit of Wanda’s reminiscence focuses on Wanda making an attempt to get Imaginative and prescient’s physique again after Endgame. As a substitute, she walks in on Director Hayward and his S.W.O.R.D. workforce dismantling Imaginative and prescient’s physique, after he’s declared the “most harmful sentient weapon ever made.” It’s all an excessive amount of for Wanda, who drives to the empty lot the place Imaginative and prescient bought a deed for his or her dwelling “to develop outdated in.” Wanda’s grief lastly reaches a breaking level, inflicting her magic to blow up, taking up the city of WestView and introducing the fictional actuality she’s in.

A lot of WandaVision to this point has targeted on Wanda’s grief presenting itself in small methods. Her grief is spoken about — by Darcy, Monica, Pietro, and even Imaginative and prescient — however Wanda not often confirmed it. The penultimate episode lastly allowed it to take heart stage. It’s very important for the finale for audiences to really perceive how determined and filled with grief Wanda is, to correctly arrange no matter goes to occur subsequent, and this episode lastly allowed us to take action. It’s a gorgeous episode of tv and, if they’ll stick the touchdown, it could make WandaVision certainly one of my favourite items of the MCU.

Welcome, Scarlet Witch

That mentioned, there are some issues to discover a little bit additional, beginning with a gorgeous retcon of a retcon… sort of.

When Marvel Studios first launched Wanda and Pietro, there have been a few guidelines. They couldn’t use the phrase mutant (that’s why each have been known as enhanced beings), and since they couldn’t exist as Magneto’s kids (that’s Fox territory), they have been retconned, together with in the comics leading up to Age of Ultron’s release. It was at all times a sore level for Marvel followers, however the group understood the licensing battles have been difficult. Put up-Fox acquisition, all the pieces modified, and the finish of this WandaVision episode lastly launched Wanda as the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda and Pietro’s powers have been retconned inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one thing that was enhanced by Hydra. Neither realized that they had any particular skills, however genetic testing carried out partially utilizing the scepter unlocked extraordinary skills in each of them. WandaVision takes it one step additional, permitting Agatha to level out to Wanda that she apparently had skills inside her since delivery that she was utilizing at the same time as a baby. For instance, when Wanda and Pietro’s dwelling exploded after a Stark missile went off, they usually have been caught below the mattress, Agatha remarked that Wanda was seemingly utilizing a likelihood hex to make sure they remained secure.

In the comics, Wanda’s powers permit her to manage likelihood by way of her hexes — the identical phrase for her powers can be the form of the fictional metropolis she’s made for herself, sure. As lengthy as no matter she was making an attempt to manage was in her line of sight, Wanda may management the likelihood of what would occur. In the episode, when Wanda is gazing the non-detonated Stark missile that landed in her front room, it’s merely a case of “good luck” created by Wanda that stopped it from ever going off. A minimum of, that’s what occurred based on Agatha.

Wanda’s powers are more and more necessary for one idea that’s floated round for some time — WandaVision isn’t establishing Mephisto, the Marvel satan that has develop into the hottest idea for the massive dangerous reveal in the finale, however Dormammu.



Physician Unusual followers will acknowledge the identify Dormammu as the metaphysical villain that Unusual needed to defeat in his movie again in 2016.

Properly, Dormammu additionally has a fairly particular connection to Wanda Maximoff. She, alongside a variety of Avengers and Defenders, got here collectively to attempt to cease Dormammu from placing collectively the items of an historic artifact often known as the Evil Eye, which might permit Earth to be introduced right into a darkish dimension. Who does Dormammu enlist to assist obtain this objective? Everybody’s favourite god of mischief, Loki, whose story is about to proceed in his personal sequence this June.

The speculation discovered new floor due to the coloration of Agatha’s magic. It’s not purple or orange like Wanda’s and Physician Unusual’s: it’s purple. That’s the identical coloration as Dormammu. It’s not precisely like magic is color-coded in the MCU (though it is perhaps going ahead), but when Agatha and Dormammu are representations of evil — regardless of Agatha being a mentor to Wanda in the comics — utilizing a sure coloration of magic to show their evilness could possibly be one technique.

Now, look — Dormammu looks like a little bit of a stretch. The final time we noticed the nefarious being, that they had signed a pact with Unusual to by no means return to Earth and we actually haven’t heard something since. At the identical time, we do know that WandaVision leads into Physician Unusual in the Multiverse of Insanity, and messing round with evil villains from totally different worlds definitely appears to be the place Part 4 of the MCU is headed between Multiverse of Insanity and The Eternals.

Dormammu can be, fairly actually, at one level the Lord of Chaos. Agatha revealed to Wanda this week that she wields chaos magic. It’s an extremely uncommon type of magic and makes her extra highly effective than anybody realized. That is additionally why folks consider she’ll be revealed as a Nexus being, an anchor inside the multiverse whose existence is essential to Physician Unusual. She’s essential in sustaining the stability of all mankind on Earth. As my Polygon colleague Susana Polo wrote about the historical past of Wanda’s chaos magic in the comics:

Finally, different writers gave Wanda’s model of magic a selected supply: The God-of-Chaos-turned-ancient-demon-turned-Lovecraft-style -creepy-force-of-darkness-locked-away-in-an-alternate-dimension Chthon. Chthon’s place of energy was Mount Wundagore, a fictional place in Japanese Europe the place Wanda simply occurred to have been born. That’s in all probability not going to make it into WandaVision, however it does put Wanda amongst the Marvel Universe’s foremost wielders of Chaos Magic

Simply as unlikely as Chthon being launched into the MCU by way of WandaVision is Dormammu, fairly actually. There are too many questions on different characters and plotlines arrange, together with Billy and Tommy, Wanda’s youngsters. They’ve a more in-depth connection to Agatha and Mephisto, and the way a lot is WandaVision purported to arrange for a complete part? It appears like quite a bit to cram into one closing episode!

So, let’s give attention to the one character we all know will play out subsequent episode and look at simply how heartbreaking it’s seemingly going to be — White Imaginative and prescient.

Who’s White Imaginative and prescient?

Everybody is aware of who Imaginative and prescient is, however in the comics, there’s a model of the character that truly was used as a sentient weapon — and he misplaced all the pieces that made him the lovable synthezoid in the course of.

White Imaginative and prescient entered the comics in 1989 as a part of John Byrne’s Imaginative and prescient Quest sequence from a West Coast Avengers run. The run discovered Imaginative and prescient’s physique being dismantled by a authorities group. As soon as his physique was dismantled, he misplaced the coloration in his pores and skin. Though Hank Pym discovered a technique to revive Imaginative and prescient, he remained a ghost white model of himself. Extra importantly, reviving Imaginative and prescient meant that the synthezoid additionally misplaced connection to Wanda and their sons.

In the MCU, Imaginative and prescient’s colorless physique can be a reference to his loss of life post-Thanos. There’s already a logical clarification for why Imaginative and prescient would look white, however the post-credits scene acknowledges that White Imaginative and prescient is created utilizing the identical vitality that Wanda is utilizing to maintain her fictional city going. He’s solely resurrected through her chaos magic, and it’s seemingly solely her chaos magic that may destroy him.

The post-credits scene on this week’s WandaVision units up a finale the place Wanda might need to combat White Imaginative and prescient. It’s a little bit poetic, and completely heartbreaking. As a way to shield her household, she has to acknowledge that Imaginative and prescient is definitely lifeless and defeat him in the course of. I assume she’ll have a little bit assist from Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum (maybe!) alongside the manner, maybe, however that brings up one other necessary query: what occurred to Monica? We didn’t see her in any respect on this episode, however we all know she was discovered by Pietro after making an attempt to assist Wanda.

All the pieces will lastly be answered subsequent week as WandaVision involves an finish.

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