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Next week, Black Mirror will likely be a decade outdated. In that point, it has grown from a bizarre little British anthology present to a worldwide hit, spawning no finish of shoddy imitators in its wake. Maybe its greatest legacy, nonetheless, has been its uncanny capacity to inform tales about issues that might subsequently develop into actuality. However has each Black Mirror episode managed to predict the future? Beneath is each single episode ranked from least to most prescient.

23. Bandersnatch – 2018 particular

Wherein somebody tried to make a pc sport in the Eighties. The know-how to make pc video games in the Eighties, er, existed in the Eighties. This was not Black Mirror at its most Black Mirror-est.

22. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too – collection 5, episode three

Starring Miley Cyrus, this episode noticed the persona of singer Ashley O develop into trapped in a toy, Ashley Too. You should purchase a 2008 Hannah Montana Christmas doll on eBay for about 20 quid. Purchaser beware, although: it’s unlikely to comprise the precise soul of Miley Cyrus.

Child’s play ... Miley Cyrus had her soul trapped in a doll in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.
Little one’s play … Miley Cyrus had her soul trapped in a doll in Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. {Photograph}: Netflix

21. White Christmas – 2014 particular

Jon Hamm starred on this instalment, wherein chips had been implanted into individuals’s brains that “blocked” undesirable individuals by blurring them out. Nothing to see right here. Generally even the terrible world of huge tech is aware of when one thing is a foul thought.


20. Arkangel – collection 4, episode two

One other episode of Black Mirror, one other chip. This time, a mom put one in her daughter’s mind to observe her as a baby and conveniently left it there, permitting her to see by means of her eyes. One other horrible concept that has but to be applied.

19. Males Towards Hearth – collection three, episode 5

Extra chips. This time troopers had been implanted with microprocessors that dehumanised their enemies. No such chips exist, although troopers have been taught to dehumanise their enemies with out know-how for tons of of years.

18. White Bear – collection two, episode two

Wherein a prisoner had her reminiscence wiped in order that she might be hunted for sport on a gameshow. Fortunately this one hasn’t come to go, though two years after it was broadcast Channel 4 launched Hunted, a collection the place members of the public are chased throughout the nation for money, so it form of occurred?

17. Smithereens – collection 5, episode two

A person realized that social media is perhaps unhealthy. We’ve recognized that for a decade and a half already – do sustain.

16. Shut Up and Dance – collection three, episode three

On-line blackmail undoubtedly predates Black Mirror, though to be truthful they’re more and more intricate, like the one seen on this episode.

15. Playtest – collection three, episode two

OK, we is perhaps getting someplace now. In Playtest, a neural community videogame realized gamers’ private fears. It doesn’t exist but, however that doesn’t imply that builders aren’t attempting.

14. USS Callister – collection 4, episode one

An embittered programmer tortured sentient digital avatars primarily based on his real-life coworkers. All of it appeared preposterous till Mark Zuckerberg began banging on about the metaverse – now it’s most likely a few years away.

Black Mirror USS Callister.
All of it appeared preposterous … USS Callister. {Photograph}: Everett Assortment Inc/Alamy

13. Hated in the Nation – collection three, episode six

On this Nordic noir-inspired episode, robotic bees killed individuals who used sure hashtags. Final 12 months, scientists created robotic bees to help pollinate flowers. Hopefully the hashtag factor will come alongside quickly.

12. Metalhead – collection 4, episode 5

Wherein a killer robotic mercilessly stalked a terrified lady. Boston Dynamics already makes related robots that may dance really well – which is even scarier.

11. Crocodile – collection 4, episode three

The chips returned and this time they had been recording our subjective recollections. Frighteningly, this know-how really predates the episode; in 2014, a group of scientists used neuroimaging strategies to reconstruct human faces from the recollections of their topics.

10. The Complete Historical past of You – collection one, episode three

Again in the third ever episode of Black Mirror, the collection creator and co-showrunner, Charlie Brooker, and co imagined a actuality the place individuals are implanted with – you guessed it – chips, which file every thing their house owners say and listen to, permitting them to torture themselves and others by replaying their recollections. Fortunately these chips don’t exist, however another is perhaps shut: in 2019 Samsung was awarded a patent to develop know-how for a wise contact lens that may file video.

9. Black Museum – collection 4, episode six

Wherein a machine allowed individuals to really feel the ache of others. This hasn’t come to go but, however final 12 months scientists inched nearer to creating robots that may expertise ache, which is somehow much more terrifying.

Black Mirror Black Museum.
Robots that may expertise ache … Black Museum. {Photograph}: Everett Assortment Inc/Alamy

8. Grasp the DJ – collection 4, episode 4

This twisted romcom launched us to a courting app that assured good compatibility, but in addition instructed you when your present relationship would finish. There isn’t a such factor as good compatibility, after all. Nevertheless, this 12 months noticed the launch of Birdy, a courting app the place – moderately than swiping pictures – customers are matched with individuals who have complimentary Myers-Briggs persona check outcomes.

7. Be Proper Again – collection two, episode one

In Be Proper Again, a grieving lady purchased a robotic who seemed and gave the impression of her useless boyfriend. Once more, fortunately, this hasn’t occurred. Nevertheless, in 2017 a lady named Eugenia Kuyda invented the Roman Bot. This AI program fed textual content messages written by her useless finest good friend right into a neural community, giving it his vocabulary and speech patterns, in order that she may proceed to speak with him from past the grave. So the robotic may not be far off.

6. San Junipero – collection three, episode 4

This pastel-coloured 80s paradise was in actual fact revealed to be a simulated actuality designed for the aged to remind them of their youth. Meet Rendever, an organization fashioned 5 years in the past to assist the aged fight social isolation with digital actuality “memory remedy” that lets them revisit their childhood house or wedding ceremony venue.

‘A pastel-coloured paradise’ ... Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis in San Junipero.
‘A pastel-coloured paradise’ … Gugu Mbatha-Uncooked and Mackenzie Davis in San Junipero. {Photograph}: Netflix

5. Putting Vipers – collection 5, episode one

Two buddies performed a online game with a twist: it allow them to sleep with one another. Meet Viro Playspace, a “haptic-driven digital social area” the place – with the assist of Bluetooth-enabled grownup toys – VR customers can meet just about and have intercourse. One expertise supplied in Viro Playspace is “first time bi’, which can carefully mirror the plot of the episode.

4. Fifteen Million Deserves – collection one, episode two

Daniel Kaluuya starred in Black Mirror’s second episode, wherein members of the public earned cash (in the type of “deserves”) by using stationary bikes that generated electrical energy. A 12 months after broadcast, inmates at a Brazilian jail had been supplied a day off their sentence each time they spent eight hours pedalling bikes hooked as much as turbines. Moreover, pre-orders are actually open for a brand new train bike that may generate electricity for the home. The Re:Gen, we’re promised, can cost 14 iPhones in the area of a single one-hour exercise.

3. Nosedive – collection three, episode one

Mike Schur and Rashida Jones had been behind this 2016 episode, wherein social interactions got an Uber-style score. In 2018, the Chinese language authorities started to check a “social credit” system in a number of main cities. The system punishes residents who commit “untrustworthy” infractions of etiquette – similar to taking part in music on trains, dishonest in exams, not exhibiting as much as restaurant bookings or refusing to go to their aged family – by docking factors from their information. Sufficient factors docked and you’ll be punished by something from an airline blacklist to throttled web speeds.

Antisocial media ... Bryce Dallas Howard in Nosedive.
Delinquent media … Bryce Dallas Howard in Nosedive. {Photograph}: David Dettmann/David Dettmann/Netflix

2. The Nationwide Anthem – collection one, episode one

In 2015, an unauthorised biography claimed that, as a part of his initiation into Oxford College’s Piers Gaveston Society, David Cameron as soon as inserted a personal a part of his anatomy right into a useless pig’s mouth. No corroborating proof was supplied, and the story has been denied, however it’s nonetheless a spooky coincidence that the first ever episode of Black Mirror was a couple of British prime minister who was blackmailed into having intercourse with a pig.

1. The Waldo Second – collection two, episode three

This episode noticed a light-weight entertainer develop into the figurehead for a cynical populist political motion. Boris Johnson was elected as British prime minister on 24 July, 2019.

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